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[PVS] CfC- Springer Book - Continued Rise of the Cloud



Continued Rise of the Cloud:

Advances and Trends in Cloud Computing


Edited by: Professor Zaigham Mahmood

(Univ of Derby UK, NUST Islamabad Pakistan, NW Univ S Africa)

To be published by Springer in 2014


Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline: 15 April 2013

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: 15 Aug 2013


1.      Introduction


Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that promises numerous benefits. As a result, enterprises are positioning themselves to take advantage of the new paradigm. However, there are also inherent issues and concerns. Some of these relate to security, interoperability, vendor lock-in and lack of open standards. There are also numerous related topics that have become the focus of research activity. In this context, much work is being undertaken and reported on topics, as mentioned in Section 2 below.


The aim of the proposed book is to discuss such topics and report on the advances and trends in cloud computing, to benefit other researchers and practitioners as well as to advance the existing body of knowledge in this area. Hopefully, the new book will serve as a useful reference text as well.


2.      Suggested Topics


The topics relevant to the proposed book include:


·         cloud interoperability

·         identity and access management (IAM)

·         cloud bridging

·         big data

·         cloud brokerage services

·         Inter-cloud  integration

·         internet of clouds

·         cloud security mechanisms

·         cloud patterns

·         open standards

·         open clouds

·         ‘cloud as a service’

·         Current advances and emerging trends in cloud computing


3.      Aim and Objectives


The aim of the proposed book is to report and discuss topics, as mentioned above, to benefit other researchers and practitioners as well as to advance the existing body of knowledge in this new emerging paradigm.


The objectives are:

·         To capture the state-of-the-art research and practice relating to cloud computing

·         To discuss recent advances and trends in cloud computing

  • To discuss and analyse the implications of new cloud paradigms being suggested

·         To identify further research directions and technologies in relation to cloud computing

·         To explore limitations and barriers with respect to cloud provision and cloud environments

  • To discuss and establish best practices with respect to cloud provisions

·         To present analyses and results of the latest research in the field of cloud computing.


4.      Submission Procedure


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit 1-2 page chapter proposals clearly stating the objective, scope and structure of the proposed chapters - by the deadline mentioned above. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified within two weeks (in most cases) and given guidelines for full chapter preparation. Completed chapters should be approximately 10,000 words or 20 pages in length – longer chapters will also be acceptable. Full chapters will be reviewed following a double-blind peer review process to ensure relevance, quality and high information content. Proposals (and full chapters, after the acceptance of the proposal), in the form of WORD files, should be sent to: dr.z.mahmood@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


5.      Important dates


·         Chapter proposals due date:                          15 April 2013

·         Notification of acceptance deadline:             15 May 2013

·         Full chapters due date:                                   15 Aug 2013

·         Chapter reviews feedback due date:             15 Sept 2013

·         Revised chapters due date:                            15 Oct 2013

·         Manuscript delivery to publishers:                 Early 2014


For Enquiries:

Please contact the editor: Zaigham Mahmood at dr.z.mahmood@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End 25.3.13


Dr Zaigham Mahmood

Technology Consultant, Debesis Education, Derby, UK

Foreign Professor, NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan

Associate Lecturer, Computing Research, Univ of Derby, UK

[Formerly, Reader in Applied Computing and Assistant Head of DISYS, University of Derby, UK]


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