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[PVS] Hypatheon 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of Hypatheon has been released.  Hypatheon is a database capability for indexing PVS theories and declarations.  It also contains a GUI application for issuing queries.  This new version includes changes to accommodate PVS 6.0, such as the addition of Unicode support.  The indexing features have been extended to include TCCs and other generated declarations.  Many small improvements and bug fixes were also introduced.

The files can be retrieved from this page:


Hypatheon is now also bundled as part of NASA Langley's PVS library distribution.  Users of the NASA libraries can download the full set of libraries along with the Hypatheon software and a pre-built database file.  For many users, this will be the easiest way to establish a working Hypatheon setup.  Visit the NASA libraries page to retrieve the tar file for the combined distribution:


The current version of the NASA libraries is 6.0.4.

Ben Di Vito
NASA Langley Research Center