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[PVS] CFP: DEBS 2013 deadline extension; Grand Challenge

[ You have received this email because you have been linked to past instances of the Distributed Event Based Systems (DEBS) conference. We plan to form a low volume announcement list. I will act on any replies that I can interpret as an unsubscribe request rapidly, and my apologies for cross-posting and/or unwanted email meanwhile! Best wishes, Dave Eyers (on behalf of the DEBS'13 publicity team) ]

Due to multiple requests, the DEBS 2013 conference has been able to provide some significant deadline extensions.Seehttp://www.orgs.ttu.edu/debs2013/ for details, or the CFP pasted below. In particular:

* February 20, 2013: Abstract submission for Research Papers, Industry Papers, and Industry Experience Reports.

* February 28, 2013: Research Paper, Industry Paper, and Industry Experience Report submission.

Please consider entering the Grand Challenge! http://www.orgs.ttu.edu/debs2013/index.php?goto=cfchallenge


DEBS 2013: 7th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems
Arlington, Texas, USA, June 29 - July 3, 2013


The annual ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) provides a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of new practical insights, and the reporting of relevant experience relating to event-based computing. Event-based systems are rapidly gaining importance in many application domains, ranging from real-time data processing in web environments, logistics and networking, to complex event processing in finance and security. The DEBS conference brings together researchers and practitioners from these various communities to share their views and reach a common understanding of current research work and open challenges. The conference also provides a forum for facilitating the exchange of ideas between academia and industry.

This year, DEBS is specifically encouraging submissions on the role, importance and impact of events and event-based technologies in Big Data systems and applications. 

=== DEBS 2013 tracks:

- A Research Track featuring high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers.
- An Industry Track for systems and concepts and experience reports.
- A Tutorial Track geared towards both academia and industry.
- A Demonstration and Posters Track with practical demonstrations and early work.
- A Grand Challenges Track to test research and commercial systems.
- A Doctoral Workshop.

=== DEBS 2013 Important Dates:

Grand Challenge Problem Description Posted:
	January 21, 2013

Abstract submission for Research Papers, Industry Papers, and Industry Experience Reports:
	February 20, 2013

Research Paper, Industry Paper, and Industry Experience Report submission:
	February 28, 2013

Tutorial Proposal submission:
	March 15, 2013

Grand Challenge Solution with Paper submission:
	April 12, 2013

Author notification for Research Papers, Industry Papers, Industry Experience Reports, Grand Challenge Solutions, and Tutorials:
	May 6, 2013

Poster, Demo, and Doctoral Workshop submission:
	May 10, 2013

Author notification for Posters, Demos, and Doctoral Workshop:
	May 20, 2013

Submission deadline for camera ready copies:
	May 28, 2013

	June 29-July 3, 2013

=== Submissions

All submissions must be original and unpublished. Accepted papers will be published by ACM and disseminated through the ACM Digital Library.

More information about the tracks and submission information can be found on the DEBS 2013 website:


=== Scope of the Conference

The topics addressed by the conference include (but are not limited to):

*** Models, Architectures and Paradigms

- Event-driven architectures
- Big Data (event-processing in Big Data)
- Internet of Things (event-processing in M2M)
- Basic interaction models
- Event algebras, event schemas and type systems
- Languages for event correlation and patterns, streaming and continuous queries, data fusion
- Models for static and dynamic environments
- Complex event processing
- Design and programming methodologies
- Event-based business process management and modeling
- Experimental methodologies
- Performance modeling and prediction based on analytic approaches
- Functional Reactive Programming

*** Middleware Infrastructures for Event-Based Computing

- Federated event-based systems
- Middleware for actuator and sensor networks
- Algorithms and protocols
- Optimization techniques for event-based (or streaming) systems
- Event dissemination based on p2p systems
- Context and location awareness
- Fault-tolerance, reliability, availability, and recovery
- Security issues
- (Self-)Management
- Mobility and resource constrained device support
- Streaming queries, transformations, or correlation engines
- Logic-based event processing
- Semantic event processing
- Business Process Management with events

*** Applications, Experiences, and Requirements

- Use cases and applications of event-based systems
- Real-world application deployments using event-based middleware
- Domain-specific deployments of event-based systems
- Real-world data characterizing event-based applications
- Benchmarks, performance evaluations, and testbeds
- Application requirements for next-generation event-based solutions
- Relation to other architectures
- Enterprise application integration
- Event-driven business process management
- Information logistics
- Seamless integration of event-based mechanisms into middleware platforms

=== Organization:

General Co-Chairs:		
	Sharma Chakravarthy, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
	Susan D. Urban, Texas Tech University, USA

Program Co-Chairs:		
	Peter Pietzuch , Imperial College London, UK
	Elke Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Proceedings Chair:
	Suzanne W. Dietrich, Arizona State University. USA

Industry Co-Chairs:
	Alex Alves, Oracle, USA
	Brian Connell, West Global, Ireland

Tutorial Co-Chairs:
	Qingchun (Dustin) Jiang, Oracle, USA 
	Badrish Chandramouli, Microsoft Research, USA

Poster and Demo Co-Chairs:
	Alexander Artikis, NCSR Demokritos, Greece 
	Raman Adaikkalavan, Indiana University South Bend, USA

Doctoral Workshop Co-Chairs:	
	Gero Muehl, University of Rostock, Germany
	Tore Risch, Uppsala University, Sweden

Grand Challenge Co-Chairs:
	Zbigniew Jerzak, SAP, Germany 
	Holger Ziekow, AGT International, Germany

Publicity Co-Chairs:
	Ugur Cetintemel, Brown University, USA
	David Eyers, University of Otago, New Zealand
	Boris Koldehofe, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Industry Support Co-Chairs:
	Nenad Stojanovic, FZI, Germany 
	Jonathan Goldstein, Microsoft Research, USA

Local Organization Co-Chairs:
	Leonidas Fegaras, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Web Chair:
	Samujjwal Bhandari, Texas Tech University, USA

Research Track PC:
	see http://www.orgs.ttu.edu/debs2013/index.php?goto=pc

Industry Track PC:
	see http://www.orgs.ttu.edu/debs2013/index.php?goto=ipc