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[PVS] Student Internships at Naval Research Laboratory

Naval Research Laboratory
Center for High Assurance Computer Systems
Washington, DC 20375

Topic Area: Formal Methods for Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Section of NRL’s Center for High Assurance
Computer Systems is offering student internships for Summer 2013. Several
ongoing projects within the section, all in the general area of formal
methods for the software engineering of critical systems, have positions

The objective of the section’s research program is to develop formal,
mathematically based methods, models, algorithms, theories, and tools
supporting both the construction and analysis of software at different
levels of abstraction from requirements through code. Applying such
methods and tools is necessary in the development of high assurance
software for systems – e.g., autonomous systems, weapons systems,
and security devices – that must satisfy critical system properties
such as safety, timing, fault tolerance, and security. Topics of current
research include:

• compositional model-based techniques for software construction and
• modeling and simulation of software systems
• scenario-based synthesis of software models
• construction and analysis of continuous & discrete timed models of
cyber-physical systems
• combining models from different domains
• verification techniques and tools, including decision procedures
and theorem proving
• techniques for relating assertions and contracts in source code to
system properties
• mechanical generation of code assertions and contracts for
reasoning about systems
• automatic code synthesis
• automatic test-case generation
• pre-compilation optimization of source code
• combination of artificial intelligence and cognitive science with
formal methods
• assurance of human trust in autonomous systems

Many of the formal methods based techniques and tools produced in our past
research have been applied to real Navy systems.

Desired skills vary with the individual positions. For more information
about the individual opportunities, please contact either Dr. Myla Archer
(202-404-6304, myla.archer@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or Dr. Elizabeth Leonard (202-404-
4893, elizabeth.leonard@xxxxxxxxxxxx).

Applications for Summer 2013 internships MUST be submitted via the USAJOBS
website (http://www.usajobs.gov) to the NRL Pathways Internship Program
during the three day vacancy announcement period of 12-14 February 2013.
Interested students are encouraged to establish their USAJOBS account and
prepare their resume in advance to facilitate application to the NRL
Pathways Internship Program during the vacancy announcement period. U.S.
citizenship is normally required. Additional details about the NRL
Pathways Internship Program and application process can be found at