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[PVS] CFP - SI on Network Protocols and Algorithms for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in MONET (Springer)

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*Call for Papers*

International Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications

*Special issue on*

Network Protocols and Algorithms for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

ISI Thomson Impact Factor (2011): 0.838

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is an emerging area of wireless ad hoc
networks that facilitates ubiquitous connectivity between smart vehicles
through Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) or Vehicle-to-Roadside (V2R) and
Roadside-to-Vehicle (R2V) communications. This emerging field of technology
aims to improve safety of passengers and traffic flow, reduces pollution to
the environment and enables in-vehicle entertainment applications. The
safety-related applications could reduce accidents by providing drivers
with traffic information such as collision avoidance, traffic flow alarms
and road surface conditions. Moreover, the passengers could exploit an
available infrastructure in order to connect to the internet for
infomobility and entertainment applications.

The increasing necessity of this network is an impetus for leading car
manufacturers, research communities and governments to increase their
efforts toward creating a standardized platform for vehicular
communications. However, VANET?s unique characteristics and special
requirements excite new challenges to the research community. To address
these challenges in both safety- and comfort-oriented applications, there
is a pressing need to develop new protocols and algorithms for channel
characterization and modeling, Medium Access Control (MAC), obstacle
modeling, adaptive geographical routing to sparse and dense traffic
conditions. This special issue aims to theme innovative research
achievements in the field of vehicular networks and communications. We are
seeking original and unpublished papers. Specific topics include, but are
not limited to:

   - Channel characterization, modeling and simulation
   - Radio obstacle modeling in urban vehicular environments
   - Efficient packet forwarding optimization
   - Congestion control and resource management
   - Medium access protocols and channel assignments
   - Adaptive beaconing protocols
   - Mobility management
   - Mobility models
   - Efficient geographical routing adapted to bipolar traffic conditions
   - Delay tolerant routing protocols
   - Message dissemination for safety-related applications
   - Cooperative vehicular communications
   - Test-beds, case studies, experimental systems and evaluations
   - Security and privacy issues


Prospective authors should follow guidelines of the International Journal
of Mobile Networks and Applications and the instruction for authors can be
found at http://www.springer.com/engineering/signals/journal/11036

*Important Dates*

Paper Submission Due: January 30, 2013
Notification Deadline: April 30, 2013
Revised paper Submission: June 30, 2013
Final Paper Submission: August 30, 2013
Publication Date: End of 2013

*Guest Editors*

*Dr. Jaime Lloret*
Department of Communications
Polytechnic University of Valencia
Camino de Vera s/n, 46022, Valencia, Spain
Email: jlloret@xxxxxxxxxxx

*Dr. Danda B. Rawat*
Department of Applied Engineering and Technology
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY, USA
Email: db.rawat@xxxxxxxx

*Dr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor*
Faculty of Engineering, University of Koya,
Daniel Miterrand Boulevard, Koya, KOY45,
Kurdistan Region-IRAQ
Email: kayhan@xxxxxxxx

*Dr. Feng XIA*
School of Software,
Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China
Email: f.xia@xxxxxxxx