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[PVS] Poster of ASMDA 2013 International Conference

Title: Dear Colleague,

Dear Colleague,


Please find attached the Poster of ASMDA2013 Conference for your information and dissemination to colleagues and distribution lists.

The forthcoming 15th Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Conference (ASMDA 2013) will take place in Mataró (Barcelona) Spain, 25-28 June 2013.


This is the 15th Conference of the ASMDA International Society celebrating the 32 years from the first event in Brussels in 1981.


For more information and Abstract/Paper submission and Special Session Proposals please visit the conference website at: http://www.asmda.es and submit your contributions to secretariat@xxxxxxxx 


Kind regards,


Conference co-Chairs


Prof. Raimondo Manca

University of Rome "La Sapienza" Italy


Prof. Christos H. Skiadas

Technical University of Crete, Greece


Prof. Vladimir Zaiats

Escola Politècnica Superior, Universitat de Vic, Spain





Since 1981, ASMDA aims to serve as the interface between Stochastic Modeling and Data Analysis and their real life applications particularly in Business, Finance and Insurance, Management, Production and Reliability, Biology and Medicine.

Our main objective is to publish papers, both theoretical or practical, presenting new results having potential for solving real-life problems. Another important objective is to present new methods for solving these problems by analyzing the relevant data. Also, the use of recent advances in different fields, will be promoted such as for example, new optimization and statistical methods, data warehouse, data mining and knowledge systems, computing-aided decision supports and neural computing.

The role played by ASMDA as interface between theory and practice means that the symposia are of great interest for both the academic and business worlds. The high standards of the meetings are guaranteed by strong international scientific committees and by a permanent world-wide ASMDA Committee.

The preceding international ASMDA Symposia were organized in Brussels (1981, 1983, 1985), Belgium, in Nancy (1988), France, in Granada (1991), Spain, in Chania (1993), Greece, in Dublin (1995), Ireland, in Anacapri (1997), Italy, in Lisboa (1999), Portugal, in Compiègne (2001), France and in Brest (2005), France, in Chania (2007), Greece, in Vilnius (2009) Lithuania and in Rome (2011) Italy.

In general, the proceeding volumes were published by international scientific publishers or local publishers.

The Conference 2013 will focus on new trends in theory, applications and software of Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis. ASMDA 2013 will take place in Mataro near Barcelona, Spain.

Particular interest will be given to interesting applications in engineering, productions and services (maintenance, reliability, planning and control, quality control, finance, insurance, management and administration, inventory and logistics, marketing, environment, human resources, biotechnology, medicine, ...).






Methodological approaches

  • Poisson, Markov, semi-Markov processes,
  • Point processes,
  • Martingales, Stochastic calculus,
  • Random evolutions,
  • Decision and Controlled Processes,
  • Diffusion and Poisson approximations,
  • Asymptotic models and Weak Convergences,
  • Statistical inference for Stochastic processes ,
  • Hidden Markov and semi-Markov processes,
  • Fitting models for data,
  • Reliability and survival analysis,
  • Bayesian inference,
  • Functional data analysis,
  • Discriminant and Regression Analysis,
  • Mixture model and Probabilistic approach to Clustering,
  • Analysis of complex data (incomplete, censored, missing, spatio-temporal, imprecise, fuzzy,...),
  • Theories of uncertainty,
  • Graphical models and Bayesian networks,
  • Multidimensional Scaling and Multi-way Data Analysis,
  • Sensory Analysis,
  • Classification and Documentation,
  • Data and Text Mining,
  • Chaotic and Stochastic processes,
  • Analysis of Chaotic processes.

Special techniques and algorithms:

  • Neural Networks,
  • Genetic and Fuzzy Algorithms,
  • Support Vector Machine,
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Chaotic Simulation.

The Conference includes three types of presentations*

  • Plenary and Key Note Speeches on the main topics of the Symposium selected by the Scientific Program Committee;
  • Contributed papers proposed by authors;
  • Invited specialized sessions proposed and approved by the Scientific Program Committee**.

*Poster presentations are accepted

** Special sessions proposals from people working in a special topic of the ASMDA field are also accepted





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