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[PVS] Call for Voting for Top 10 Questions in Intelligent Informatics/Computing

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Call for Voting for Top 10 Questions in Intelligent Informatics/Computing (Top10Qi)

Sixty years ago, Alan M. Turing, raised the essential question, "Can machines think?" in his article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", which can be regarded as one of seeds for AI and other intelligent computing.

The Top10Qi open forum is trying to offer a common platform for all of us to work together to think about the basic questions and further figure out the top 10 questions in Intelligent Informatics/Computing (Top10Qi).

Thanks the great supports to Top10Qi from many people, we have received 128 questions from all over the world, which can be viewed at Top10Qi web site:

We are now in the 2nd stage, i.e., voting for the top 10 questions which are to be discussed in the panel session at WIC 2012. You are cordially invited to vote for up to 10 questions from the question list in the Top10Qi voting system at  

After clicking the <Non-TC Member> button, you will enter a sign-in page in which you should provide the following information:
  Email Address:  (to send an acknowledge message including your voted questions)
  Name:  Your Name (Optional but preferred)

The vote deadline is November 24, 2012.

We are looking forward to having your strong support and contribution!

If having any questions, please send an email to <Top10Qi@xxxxxxxxx>.

Best Regards
Top10Qi Organizing Committee