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[PVS] Call for Questions in Intelligent Informatics/Computing

Please help to disseminate CFQ to your colleagues that might be interested.

Sixty years ago, Alan M. Turing, raised the essential question,
"Can machines think?" Stimulated and inspired by this question, nowadays,
we must have more questions and challenging issues to raise for
discussion and
debate. Top10Qi Open Forum
aims to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, engineers, and
in the field of Intelligent Informatics/Computing to raise their questions,
identify the key questions, and share the opinions or solutions through
vigorous discussion and debating.

Top10Qi Open Forum has four stages, i.e.,
(1) call for questions (until Nov. 10),
(2) call for voting (November 11 - November 20),
(3) participation in panel (on December 06 at WIC 2012
(4) the final report (to be done by the technical committee).

We are now at the 1st stage (call for questions) and would like to cordially
invite you to submit questions. Your questions will contribute greatly to
the success of Top10Qi forum. The deadline (Nov. 10) is approaching.
Your prompt question submission via the following social media tools:
Yahoo!Groups, Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, or via email: top10Qi@xxxxxxxxx
is highly appreciated.

We would be grateful if you could join our all 3 stages. Of course, you are
also appreciated for joining only one or two stages as your convenience.

For more information, you may visit

Thanks in advance for your contribution and participation!

Best regards,

Jianhua Ma, Jiming Liu, Ning Zhong