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[PVS] WIC 2012 - Call for Participation

[Apologies if you receive this more than once]


The 2012 World Intelligence Congress (WIC 2012)
Macau Fisherman's Wharf
December 4-7, 2012, Macau, China

Homepage: http://www.fst.umac.mo/wic2012

!!! Early-bird Registration by Oct 26, 2012 (extended) !!!

Turing Keynote Speaker: Edward Feigenbaum
(1994 Turing Award Winner)

T-Centenary Panel on Top 10 Questions
in Intelligent Informatics/Computing

A Special Event of the Alan Turing Year (Centenary of Alan Turing's birth).
The congress includes five intelligent informatics related conferences:

- IEEE/WIC/ACM Web Intelligence 2012 (WI'12)
- IEEE/WIC/ACM Intelligent Agent Technology 2012 (IAT'12)
- Active Media Technology 2012 (AMT'12)
- Brain Informatics 2012 (BI'12)
- Methodologies for Intelligent Systems 2012 (ISMIS'12)

co-located with the aim to facilitate interactions and idea exchange among
researchers working on a variety of focused themes under a holistic vision
for computing and intelligence in the post WWW era and to promote and
expedite new innovations for areas under intelligent informatics.

Sponsored and Organized by
- Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC)
- IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII)
- IEEE-CIS Task Force on Brain Informatics (IEEE TF-BI)
- University of Macau
- Hong Kong Baptist University

================= HIGHLIGHTS =========================

6 Invited Speeches by
Edward Feigenbaum (1994 Turing Award Winner)
Eunice Santos (WI)
Sven Koenig (IAT)
Sankar Pal (AMT)
Jianhua Ma (BI)
Alfred Kobsa (ISMIS)
2 Tutorials
17 Workshops
16 Special Sessions
Presentations of Accepted Research Track Papers


!!! Early-bird Registration by Oct 26, 2012 (extended) !!!

On-line registration (and more information) at

Regular registration covers all the events of WIC'12 during the four
conference days including keynotes, tutorials, accepted paper
presentations, and workshops, as well as includes proceedings for one
of the conferences or its associated workshops.

As usual, WIC'12 will be co-located, providing synergism among Web
Intelligence, Intelligent Agent Technology, Active Media Technology,
Brain Informatics, and Methodologies for Intelligent Systems. The
five conferences will have a joint opening, invited talks, reception,
and banquet. Attendees only need to register for one conference and
can attend workshops, sessions, invited talks, panels and tutorials
across the five conferences.


Turing Keynote Talk
Edward Feigenbaum, Professor at Stanford University, USA
(1994 Turing Award Winner)

WI Invited Talk
Eunice Santos, Professor at University of Texas at El Paso, USA

IAT Invited Talk
Sven Koenig, Professor at University of Southern California, USA

AMT Invited Talk
SOFT GRANULAR MINING: Concepts, Features, Applications and Challenges
Sankar Pal, Professor at Indian Statistical Institute, India

BI Invited Talk
DIGTAL CLONE: Possible or Impossible?
Jianhua Ma, Professor at Hosei University, Japan

ISMIS Invited Talk
Alfred Kobsa, Professor at University of California, Irvine, USA


T-Centenary Panel on Top 10 Questions
in Intelligent Informatics/Computing


T1: Behavior Computing: Complex Behavior Modeling, Analysis and Mining
Longbing Cao, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Philip S Yu, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Can Wang, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

T2: Recognizing Textual Entailment for Web-based Question-Answering
Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy


W1: International Workshop on Optimization-based Data Mining and
Web Intelligence (ODMWI 2012)

W2: International Workshop on Behavior Informatics (BI 2012)

W3: International Workshop on Intelligent Web Interaction (IWI-2012)

W4: International Workshop on Tourism Facilities (TF'12)

W5: International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology
Engineering (NLPOE 2012)

W6: International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems
and Social Media (WPRSM 2012)

W7: International Workshop on Nature-Inspired Computing and Metaheuristics
for Web Intelligence (NiCaM-WI 2012)

W8: International Workshop on Web Information Retrieval Support Systems

W9: International Symposium on Web Intelligent Systems & Services
(WISS 2012)

W10: 2012 Combined Workshop on Cross-Cultural and Cross-Linguistic
Semantic Web and Software Agent Teamwork for the Semantic Web

W11: International Symposium on the Intelligent Campus (iCampus) - IC'12

W12: International Workshop on Green Computing and Sustainable Society

W13: International Workshop on Social Networks and Data Processing (SNDP

W14: International Workshop on Privacy-Aware Intelligent Systems

W15: International Workshop on Domain Knowledge in Knowledge Discovery

W16: International Workshop on Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems

W17: WIC Centers Working Meeting


S1: Technology Intelligence and Applications

S2: Product Configuration

S3: Human Factors in Information Retrieval

S4: Social Recommender Systems

S5: Warehousing and OLAPing Complex, Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data

S6: Social Media towards Knowledge Discovery and Management

S7: Human-Computer Interaction & Knowledge Discovery

S8: Granular Computing and Brain Informatics

S9: Cognitive Architecture Meets Brain Informatics

S10: Online Social Network, Intelligent Data Processing, Multi-agent Systems

S11: Computational Intelligence for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

S12: Large-Scale Application-focused Multiagent Systems

S13: Intelligent and Affective Computing

S14: Intelligent Methodology and Applications

S15: WI/IAT 2012 Industry Session

S16: WI/IAT 2012 Demo Session


The WIC'12 Congress offers an exciting social programs, including the
conference welcome reception on Dec. 4 and the congress banquet on
Dec. 6.

The congress venue: Macau Fisherman's Wharf is the first-ever themed
entertainment complex in the tourism zone of the city, located at the
center of tourism area within 10 minutes walking distance to Macau-HK
Ferry Terminal and Heliport and 15 minutes driving distance to Macau
International Airport.

You can also enjoy the city of Macau. You can get more information
about the conference hotel, visas and local information from the
congress homepage: http://www.fst.umac.mo/wic2012/


*** Contact Information ***
Ryan Leang Hou U, University of Macau