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[PVS] Call for Participation: FACS 2012

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                        Call for Participation

                             FACS 2012

                    9th International Symposium
                Formal Aspects of Component Software


             Mountain View, USA, September 12-14, 2012


* Scope *

The component-based software development approach has emerged as a
promising paradigm to cope with the complexity of present-day software
systems by bringing sound engineering principles into software
engineering. However, many challenging conceptual and technological
issues still remain in component-based software development theory and
practice. Moreover, the advent of service-oriented computing has
brought to the fore new dimensions, such as quality of service and
robustness to withstand inevitable faults, that require revisiting
established component-based concepts in order to meet the new
requirements of the service-oriented paradigm.

FACS 2012 is concerned with how formal methods can be used to make
component-based and service-oriented software development
succeed. Formal methods have provided a foundation for component-based
software by successfully addressing challenging issues such as
mathematical models for components, composition and adaptation, or
rigorous approaches to verification, deployment, testing, and


* Invited Speakers *

Tevfik Bultan, UC Santa Barbara
"Analyzing Interactions of Asynchronously Communicating Software Components"

Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft
"Safe programming of asynchronous interaction: Can we do it for real?"


* Registration *

The early registration deadline of FACS is August 31st.

The registration page is available on the FACS website:



* Accepted Papers *

* Harsh Beohar and Pieter Cuijpers. Desynchronisation of Concrete
Synchronous Systems
* Hanne Riis Nielson, Flemming Nielson and Roberto Vigo. A Calculus for
* Steinar Hugi Sigurdarson, Marjan Sirjani, Yngvi Bjornsson and Arni
Herman Reynisson. Guided Search for Deadlocks in Actor-Based Models
* Nils Jansen, Erika Abraham, Barna Zajzon, Ralf Wimmer, Johann
Schuster, Joost Pieter Katoen and Bernd Becker. Symbolic Counterexample
Generation for Discrete-time Markov Chains
* Domenico Bianculli, Carlo Ghezzi and Pierluigi San Pietro. The Tale of
SOLOIST: a Specification Language for Service Compositions Interactions
* Sebastian Bauer, Rolf Hennicker and Axel Legay. Component Interfaces
with Contracts on Ports
* Qiusong Yang. Assumption Generation for Asynchronous Systems by
Abstraction Refinement
* Chris Chilton, Bengt Jonsson and Marta Kwiatkowska. Assume-Guarantee
Reasoning for Safe Component Behaviours
* Ralf Sasse, Samuel King, Jose Meseguer and Shuo Tang. IBOS: A
Correct-By Construction Modular Browser
* Frank de Boer, Mario Bravetti, Immo Grabe, Matias Lee, Martin Steffen
and Gianluigi Zavattaro. Proving Deadlock Freedom for Active Objects and
* Pablo Castro, Nazareno Aguirre, Carlos Gustavo Lopez Pombo and Tom
Maibaum. A Categorical Approach to Structuring and Promoting Z
* Kyungmin Bae, Jose Meseguer and Peter Olveczky. Formal Patterns for
Multirate Distributed Real-Time Systems
* Christos Kloukinas and Mert Ozkaya. XcD - Modular, Realizable Software
* Zachary J. Oster, Ganesh Ram Santhanam, Samik Basu and Vasant Honavar.
Model Checking of Qualitative Sensitivity Preferences to Minimize
Credential Disclosure
* Stijn De Gouw and Frank S. De Boer. Run-Time Verification of Black-Box
Components using Behavioral Specifications: An Experience Report on Tool
* Amir Molzam Sharifloo and Paola Spoletini. LOVER: Light-weight Formal
Verification of adaptivE systems at Run time

Javier Camara
Postdoctoral Research Associate
DEI - Departamento Engenharia Informática
University of Coimbra
Mail: jcmoreno@xxxxxxxxx
Web: www.javicamara.com