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[PVS] Call for Participation: SASO2012 (6th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems)

Dear colleague,

We are happy to announce the SASO 2012 conference program and invite you to participate to this great event. 
This year SASO conference will be held in Lyon, France (10-14 September 2012). 
Registration is now open ( http://saso2012.univ-lyon1.fr/index.php?menu=registration ). 
Please note that the early registration deadline is on August 20th, 2012.
We hope see you there and enjoy the SASO conference.

Best Regards

Zhang Jie, Sam Malek, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez
SASO 2012 Publicity Chair 

                                                 SASO 2012 Conference Program
                                           (http:// http://saso2012.univ-lyon1.fr)

Keynotes on Sept. 11th, 2012 and Sept. 13th, 2012

  - Sept. 11th, 2012     
      Secrets of swarms architects: understanding construction dynamics in ant colonies.    
      Dr. Guy Theraulaz 
      Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale, CNRS UMR 5169, Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

  - Sept. 13th, 2012       
      Social Consensus as a Self-organization Phenomenon  
      Pr. Maxi San Miguel 
      Instituto de Fisica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos IFISC (CSIC-UIB), Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Conference on Sept. 11th, 12th, 13th, 2012

F: Full paper, S: Short paper 

1.	Session: Self-organizing distributed protocols
	- (F) An Extremum Seeking Algorithm for Message Batching in Total Order Protocols. Diego Didona, Daniele Carnevale, Paolo 
		Romano and Sergio Galeani 
	- (F) Gossip-based Learning under Drifting Concepts in Fully Distributed Networks. Istvan Hegedus, Robert Ormandi and Mark
	- (F) Reconfiguration Primitives for Self-adapting Overlays in Distributed Publish-Subscribe Systems. Elisabetta Di Nitto,
		Daniel Joseph Dubois and Alessandro Margara
	- (F) Bridging Interference Barriers in Self-organized Synchronization. Parth Amin, Vishnu Prasad Kaushik Ganesan and Olav 

2.	Session: Self-adaptive complex problem solving
	- (F) On the Influence of Inter-Agent Variation on Multi-Agent Algorithms Solving a Dynamic Task Allocation Problem under 
		Uncertainty. Gerrit Anders, Christian Hinrichs, Florian Siefert, Pascal Behrmann, Wolfgang Reif and Michael
	- (S) Collective Self-Tuning for Complex Product Design. Elsy Kaddoum and Jean-Pierre George
	- (S) Fast Precise Distributed Control for Energy Demand Management. Jacob Beal, Jeffrey Berliner and Kevin Hunter

3.	Session: Self-organization and social systems
	- (F) Self-Organising Common-Pool Resource Allocation and Canons of Distributive Justice. Jeremy Pitt, Julia Schaumeier 
		and Didac Busquets and Sam Macbeth
	- (F) Optimised Reputation-Based Adaptive Punishment for Limited Observability. Samhar Mahmoud, Dani Villatoro and 
		Michael Luck
	- (S) Modeling Adaptative Social Behavior in Collective Problem Solving Algorithms. Diego Noble, Ricardo Araujo and 
		Luis Lamb
	- (S) Collective Attention through Public Displays Alois Ferscha, Kashif Zia and Benedikt Gollan

4.	Session: Self-organization and software-engineering
	- (F) Towards Meta-Adaptation support with Reusable and Composable Adaptation Components. Ning Gui and Vincenzo De Florio
	- (F) Towards Dynamic Evolution of Self-adaptive Systems Based on Dynamic Updating of Control Loops. Hiroyuki Nakagawa,
		Akihiko Ohsuga and Shinichi Honiden
	- (F) Realizing a Proactive, Self-Optimizing System Behavior within Adaptive, Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures. David
		Kramer and Wolfgang Karl
	- (F) Controlling self-organizing software applications with archetypes. Bassem Debbabi, Ada Diaconescu and Philippe Lalanda
	- (S) Augmenting the Repertoire of Design Patterns for Self-Organized Software by Reverse Engineering a Bio-Inspired P2P 
		System. Paul L. Snyder, Giuseppe Valetto, Jose Luis Fernandez Marquez and Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo

5.	Biologically-inspired self-organization
	- (F) Directional Bias and Pheromone for Discovery and Coverage on Networks. Glenn Fink, Kenneth Berenhaut and Chris Oehmen
	- (F) Simulating Human Single Motor Units using Self-Organizing Agents. Onder Gurcan, Carole Bernon, Kemal S. Turker, 
		Jean-Pierre Mano, Pierre Glize and Oguz Dikenelli
	- (F) The Role of Memory in Stabilizing Swarms. Jennifer Miller, Hao Luan, Louis Rossi and Chien-Chung Shen
	- (S)) Gradient-based Self-organisation Patterns of Anticipative Adaptation. Sara Montagna, Danilo Pianini and Mirko Viroli
	- (S) Modelling Situated Action based on Affordances and Stigmergy. Zoubida Afoutni, Remy Courdier and Francois Guerrin
	- (S) Mutational analysis-inspired algorithms for cells self-organization towards a dynamic under viability constraints. 
		Alexandra Fronville, Abdoulaye Sarr, Pascal Ballet and Vincent Rodin

6.	Self-organization in Networks
	- (F) Constructing Communication Networks with Evolved Digital Organisms. David B. Knoester and Philip Mckinley
	- (F) Dealing with Bootstrapping, Maintenance, and Network Partitions and Mergers in Structured Overlay Networks. Tallat 
		M. Shafaat, Ali Ghodsi and Seif Haridi
	- (F) Can degree correlation help to design resilient Superpeer network?. Animesh Srivastava, Bivas Mitra, Fernando Peruani
		and Niloy Ganguly
	- (S) SOCIAL: A Self-Organized Entropy-based Algorithm for Identifying Communities in Networks. Bennett Collingsworth and 
		Ronaldo Menezes

Workshops on Sept. 10th and Sept. 14th, 2012

Monday Sept. 10th, 2012
	- WS7: Evaluation of Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems - Tools, Techniques and Case studies 
	- WS8: 2nd AWARE workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems 
	- WS9: First International Workshop on Adaptive Service Ecosystems: Nature and Socially Inspired Solutions

Friday Sept. 14th, 2012
	- WS2: Adaptive Host and Network Security 
	- WS5: Technologies for the Organisation, Adaptation and Simulation of Transportation Systems 

Tutorials on Sept. 10th and Sept 14th, 2012

	- T1: Architectural Styles for Adaptive Systems. Luciano Baresi, Sam Guinea
	- T2: How to Build Self-Modeling Systems. Christopher Landauer, Kirstie L. Bellman, Phyllis R. Nelson
	- T3: Engineering Organised Adaptation using 'Sociologically-Inspired Computing'. Jeremy Pitt, Alexander Artikis
	- T4: Metaheuristic Algorithms for Self-Organizing Systems. Xin-She Yang