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[PVS] Call for Papers Co-LP Workshop 2012

**apologies for cross-posting**

                                    Co-LP Workshop 2012  

                      First Workshop on Coinductive Logic Programming
                                    September 8, 2012
          to be held in Budapest, Hungary, at the occasion of ICLP 2012
                                   September 4-8, 2012




Extending logic programming with coinduction has opened a new venue for research in different aspects of this paradigm. These include exploring the theory and implementation of Co-LP along with its relationship with other programming and computing paradigms. Co-LP is only a starting point for developing logic programs (and their semantics) that can be used to fully reason about infinite objects and their properties.

The Coinductive Logic Programming (Co-LP) workshop provides an open arena for participants to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in coinductive logic programming and its relation to other programming and computing paradigms such as constraint programming, answer set programming, tabling, etc. 

The Co-LP 2012 workshop will cover the following non-exclusive list of topics:
  • Sequential implementation schemes (abstract machines, translation to other languages, etc.)
  • Efficient implementation of goal directed Co-LP
  • Developing declarative semantics for logic programming and coinduction with interleaving of induction and coinduction
  • Developing operational semantics for logic programming and coinduction with interleaving of induction and coinduction
  • Implementation of type inference and type checking systems for coinductive logic programming languages
  • Relating Co-LP to constraint programming
  • Relating Co-LP to Tabling
  • Relating Co-LP to Answer Set Programming
  • Relating coinduction to other logic programming paradigms 
  • Developing tools for debugging and testing coinductive logic programming systems
  • Language extensions to Co-LP

Important dates
  • 15. July 2012            Co-LP2012 Paper Deadline
  • 31. July 2012            Co-LP2012 Author Notification
  • 12. August 2012          Co-LP2012 Final Version
  • 8. September 2012        Co-LP2012 Workshop at Budapest, Hungary

  • Authors are invited to submit papers written in English and not exceeding 15 pages in PDF format. The papers should be prepared using LNCS LaTeX format and submitted to neda.saeedloei@xxxxxxxx.

Venue and co-location with ICLP 2012 
Programme committee
  • Gopal Gupta  (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
  • Davide Ancona  (University of Genoa, Italy)
  • Ekaterina Komendantskaya (University of Dundee)
  • Neda Saeedloei