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[PVS] BNC@ECAI 2012: Second Call for Papers

Second Call For Papers
Belief change, Non-monotonic reasoning and Conflict resolution
Montpellier, France
*** Aims and Scope
Belief change, non-monotonic reasoning and conflict resolution are well established 
research areas in Artificial Intelligence. In recent years these topics have become 
important for designing robots and infobots with convincing reasoning and adaptation 
capabilities. The main aim of this workshop is to bring together active researchers 
on these topics, including work on belief revision, belief merging, reasoning about 
action, logic programming, inconsistency management, judgment aggregation, 
negotiation, and other related topics. Papers on emerging research in this area are 
especially welcome.
Numerous recent papers use techniques from belief change to define conflict resolution 
methods. In particular, several negotiation and judgment aggregation methods are closely 
related to work in belief revision or belief merging. Combining ideas from these research 
topics is one of the aims of this workshop. Hence we especially encourage submission of 
survey papers or position papers on these questions.
A further important trend is the study of the applicability of well known belief change 
operators and techniques for particular languages that are largely used in applications, 
such as Horn logics, description logics, or argumentation frameworks. New developments 
towards such applicative contexts are also highly welcome.
*** Topics
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Argumentation
- Belief change
- Belief revision and update
- Belief merging
- Conflict resolution
- Inconsistency management
- Judgment aggregation
- Logic Programming
- Negotiation
- Non-monotonic reasoning
- Reasoning about action and change
*** Submission instructions
Papers submitted to BNC'12 must be no longer than 7 pages in the ECAI format 
and the pdf file should be submitted on EasyChair: 
*** Important dates
Submission deadline : 25 May 2012
Notification: 22 June 2012
Final version deadline: 6 July 2012
*** Workshop chairs: 
- Sébastien Konieczny (CRIL-CNRS, France)
- Thomas Meyer (CAIR, UKZN and CSIR Meraka)
*** Program Committee
- Thomas Meyer (CAIR, UKZN and CSIR Meraka)
- Sébastien Konieczny (CRIL-CNRS, France)
- Ivan Varzinczak (CAIR, UKZN and CSIR Meraka)
- Richard Booth    (University of Luxembourg)
- Torsten Schaub (University of Potsdam)
- Gerhard Brewka (Leipzig University)
- Weiru    Liu (Queen's University Belfast)
- Eduardo Fermé (Universidade da Madeira)
- Maurice Pagnucco (The University of New South Wales)
- Ulle Endriss (University of Amsterdam)
- Ramon    Pino Perez (Universidad de Los Andes)
- James    Delgrande (Simon Fraser University)
- Renata Wassermann (University of Sao Paulo)
- Leon Van Der Torre (ILIAS)
- Gabriella Pigozzi
- Pavlos Peppas    (University of Patras)
*** Website maintenance
- Kodylan Moodley (CAIR, UKZN and CSIR Meraka)