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[PVS] Nano-Tera/Artist Summer School in Europe 2012 - September 17-21


[- Apologies for multiple postings -]


       ARTIST Summer School in Europe 2012 -- Nano-Tera.ch

          September 17-21, 2012, Aix-les-Bains, France



      *** Registration deadline extended to 20 May 2012 ***


=== News ===


Since the previous announcement:


- New dates: lectures will start on Monday, 17 September 2012

- The poster is available on the Summer School web site

- Additional talk by Prof. Insup Lee (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA)


=== Overview ===


This year's edition of the Artist Summer School on Embedded

Systems Design will be held in Aix-les-Bains (near Grenoble) on

September 17-21.


This school brings together some of the best lecturers from all

over the world in a one week programme, and will be a fantastic

opportunity for interaction.


ARTIST Summer School seeks a balance between foundational aspects

and applications. Speakers include recognized leading researchers

and engineers.


The school is open to PhD students, researchers, and engineers.


=== Speakers ===


- Prof. Tarek Abdelzaher

  (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA)

- Prof. Sanjoy Baruah

  (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

- Prof. Luca Benini

  (University of Bologna & STmicroelectronics, Italy)

- Prof. Giovanni De Micheli

  (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland)

- Prof. Rolf Ernst

  (TU Braunschweig, Germany)

- Prof. Gernot Heiser

  (University of New South Wales, Australia)

- Dr. Anne-Marie Kermarrec

  (INRIA, France)

- Prof. Kim G. Larsen

  (Aalborg University, Denmark)

- Prof. Insup Lee

  (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

- Prof. Peter Marwedel

  (TU Dortmund, Germany)

- Prof. Peter Mueller

  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

- Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

  (University of California at Berkeley, USA)

- Prof. Joseph Sifakis

  (EPF Lausanne, Switzerland)

- Prof. John A. Stankovic

  (University of Virginia, USA)


Short biographies of the lecturers and course abstracts will be

made available online at




=== Registration & Schedule ===


Registration process will consist of two steps:

1. All interested persons are invited to register an application

   on the Summer School web site.

2. Selected applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail with

   the URL of the payment site.



    20 May 2012..........Pre-registration deadline (*extended*)

    04 June 2012.........Notification to the selected applicants

    31 Aug 2012..........Final registration & payment

    15 Sept 2012.........Participants arrive to Aix-les-Bains

17-21 Sept 2012.........Summer School


=== Organizers ===


Scientific Directors:

- Prof. Joseph Sifakis (EPF Lausanne)

- Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele (ETH Zurich)


Organizing Committee:

- Dr. Iuliana Bacivarov (ETH Zurich)

- Dr. Simon Bliudze (EPF Lausanne)

- Tanja Lantz (ETH Zurich)

- Ariane Staudenmann (EPF Lausanne)


Steering Committee

ArtistDesign Strategic Management Board


=== Previous editions ===


- Aix-les-Bains, 2011


- Autrans, 2010


- Autrans, 2009


- Autrans, 2008


- Trento, 2007



=== Sponsors ===


The Summer School is partially funded by the

Nano-Tera.ch Swiss federal program.