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[PVS] Exciting Postdoc Opportunity: Formal Correctness Methods in Parallel Computational Frameworks

We are seeking Post-doctoral Research Fellows to work on an exciting
new project at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

The project offers unique opportunities to bring formal correctness
methods during the advancement of a computational framework called
Uintah that currently runs on CPU/GPU platforms supporting ~200K cores.

Desired Strengths:

EITHER Formal verification methods (model-checking, run-time verification,
SMT solvers) and its applications to concurrency and parallelism, and
verification tool building experience.

OR High-performance computing, platforms based on MPI, GPUs,
large-scale parallel structures, program analysis methods (e.g. static
analysis), and the ability to collaborate with an established formal
methods group.

OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Functional programming (e.g., Racket), GPU programming.

  Details : http://www.cs.utah.edu/fv/fv-hpc-postdoc.html

  Enquiries / Application : fv-hpc-postdoc@xxxxxxxxxxx

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