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[PVS] Call for participation iFM & ABZ 2012 - program available


9th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods (iFM 2012)
3rd International Conference on ASM, Alloy, B, VDM, and Z (ABZ 2012)

Joint conferences in honour of Egon Boerger's 65th birthday, for his
contribution to state-based formal methods

18 - 21 June 2012
CNR - Pisa, Italy


The iFM and ABZ conferences are co-located in order to host a joint
conference in honour of Egon Boerger's 65th birthday. The conferences
are organized by the Formal Methods && Tools Lab at ISTI-CNR and take
place at the Area della Ricerca CNR in Pisa from 18 to 21 June.

The iFM conference series presents research on the combination of
(formal and semi-formal) methods for system development, regarding
modeling and analysis, and covers all aspects from language design
through verification and analysis techniques to tools and their
integration into software engineering practice.

The ABZ conference is dedicated to the cross-fertilization of five
related state- and machine-based formal methods, namely Abstract
State Machines, Alloy, B, VDM and Z, which share a common conceptual
foundation and are widely used in both academia and industry for the
design and analysis of hardware and software systems.

* Egon Boerger (University of Pisa, Italy):
  Contribution to a Rigorous Analysis of Web Application Frameworks
* Muffy Calder (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom):
  Process Algebra for Event-Driven Runtime Verification: a case study
  of wireless network management
* Ian J. Hayes (University of Queensland, Australia):
  Integrated operational semantics: small-step, big-step and multi-step

The joint conference is preceded by a full day devoted to two free
* Eric C.R. Hehner and Lev Naiman (University of Toronto, Canada):
  Practical Predicative Programming Primer
* Joost-Pieter Katoen, Thomas Noll (RWTH Aachen University, Germany),
  Alessandro Cimatti and Marco Bozzano (FBK, Trento, Italy):
  Safety, Dependability and Performance Analysis of Extended AADL Models

The full program is available online: http://ifm-abz.isti.cnr.it/

The early registration fee deadline is 18 May. Students get a discount.

The deadline for poster & tool demo submissions is 22 April.