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[PVS] FW: CfChapters - Software Engineering Frameworks for CloudComputing Paradigm - deadline 31 march



Software Engineering Frameworks for Cloud Computing Paradigm

To be published by Springer in 2013



Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline: 31 March 2012

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: 1 July 2012




Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that allows cloud consumers to self-provision cloud-based IT resources. As a result, enterprises are positioning their on-premise software applications (and hardware resources) to enable them to take advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud environment. Although, software engineering (SE) is a well-established engineering discipline with numerous software development approaches, unless the on-premise applications are aligned with distributed computing paradigm, the benefits that cloud computing promises cannot be fully realised. The cloud computing paradigm has, therefore, caused to change the conventional business models and application development approaches. In this context, the software engineers and enterprise architects are adopting new ways for the design, development, integration and deployment of enterprise-wide applications. This is mainly due to the fact that conventional SE processes do not necessarily and satisfactorily lend to the development of software that is service-oriented and fit for distributed computing environments such as cloud computing. As a result, SE literature and practices require new innovative approaches to support SE frameworks and methodologies suitable for migration of enterprise applications to cloud environments. The aim of the proposed book is to investigate SE frameworks that are suitable for software development to take advantage of the benefits that cloud computing offers and to fill a gap in the SE literature and practice by providing scientific contributions focusing on SE methods suitable for cloud computing environment.


Aim and Objectives


The aim of the proposed book is to discuss and analyse the implications of cloud computing paradigm on SE methods and frameworks to develop best practices for the SE industry. The objectives are:

·        To capture the state-of-the-art research and practice with respect to SE for Enterprise Cloud Environments

  • To discuss and analyse the implications of cloud computing paradigm on SE methods, techniques and frameworks

·        To identify potential research directions and technologies to facilitate software process improvement initiatives

·        To explore limitations and barriers with respect to design and development of software suitable for cloud environments

  • To discuss and establish best practices for software development industry with reference to Enterprise Cloud Computing;
  • To present case studies to highlighting the understanding of cloud computing implications for software development.


Recommended Topics: include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Effective methodologies and frameworks for development of cloud-based applications
  • Cloud architectural patterns for developing scalable applications in the cloud
  • Applications and data architectures for cloud-based enterprise applications
  • Modelling and simulation of cloud environments in relation to enterprise applications
  • Agile methodologies and enterprise cloud computing
  • Testing and implementation approaches for cloud-based applications
  • Use of CASE tools for development of cloud-based applications
  • Empirical studies of software development processes for cloud environments
  • End user software engineering in cloud environments
  • Software project management approaches for the development of cloud-based applications
  • Software Engineering issues of migration of legacy systems to cloud environments
  • limitations and barriers to design/development of software suitable for cloud environments
  • Teaching curriculum for software engineering programmes for cloud-based developments
  • Reliability and performance metrics and issues in cloud-related application systems
  • Case studies and best practices.


Submission Procedure


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit 1-2 page chapter proposals clearly stating the objective, scope and structure of the proposed chapters - by the deadline mentioned above. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified within two weeks (in most cases) and given guidelines for full chapter preparation. Completed chapters should be approximately 10,000 words or 15-20 pages in length. Full chapters will be reviewed following a double-blind peer review process to ensure relevance, quality and high information content. Proposals and full chapters, as WORD files, should be sent to: z.mahmood@derby.ac.uk


Members of the ERB


Prof Ajith Abraham, Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA

Dr Lucio Agostinho Rocha, State University of Campinas, Brazil

Dr Khandakar Ahmed, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Prof Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy

Prof Ashraf Darwish,  Helwan University, Egypt

Dr Constandinos Mavromoustakis, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Prof Francisco Milton Mendes, Neto Rural Federal University of the Semi-Arid, Brazil

Prof Mahmood Niazi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Dr Pethuru Raj, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, India

Dr Muthu Ramachandran, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK

Dr Fareeha Zafar, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan

…. List incomplete - will be updated soon


Important dates

·        Chapter proposals submission deadline:      31 Mar 2012

·        Notification of acceptance by:                      15 Apr  2012

·        Full chapters submission deadline:               1 July 2012

·        Chapter review feedback to authors by:       1 Sep 2012

·        Revised chapters submission deadline:        1 Oct 2012


For Enquiries: please contact the editors:


Dr Zaigham Mahmood, Reader in Applied Computing, University of Derby, UK: z.mahmood@derby.ac.uk

Mr Saqib saeed, Research Associate, University of Siegen, Germany: saqib.saeed@gmail.com

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Dr Zaigham Mahmood

Reader in Applied Computing

Asst Head, DISYS (Distributed & Intelligent Systems) Research Group

University of Derby, UK


‘Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures’ by Z Mahmood and R Hill (Eds)

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