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[PVS] "Invited researcher" position at LIAFA, Paris,France: Software Analysis

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 "Invited researcher" position in  LIAFA

Contact: Tayssir TOUILI   (touili@liafa.jussieu.fr)

An  "Invited researcher"  position is available in the "Verification" team in LIAFA (CNRS and Univ. Paris Diderot).
The  topic  is the development of  new original model-checking and static analysis
techniques for the analysis of software and/or concurrent programs.
The duration can vary between 4 and  10 months.
The position is available immediately.

How to apply:
Candidates must have  a PhD in  computer science, or be a  PhD student close to finishing.
The candidate must send a CV  and recommendation letters to Tayssir TOUILI   (touili@liafa.jussieu.fr)