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[PVS] 3rd ACM/DAPA Int'l Summer School on Information Security andProtection, May 21-25, Tucson, AZ

                                      Call for Participation

        3rd ACM/DAPA International Summer School on Information Security and Protection

                                       May 21-25, Tucson, AZ


Software Security and Protection is a discipline that lies at the
crossroads of security, cryptography, networks, software engineering,
computer architecture, operating systems, and compiler design. The
summer school will bring together internationally-recognized experts
to describe the advanced techniques that are used for protecting
software from tampering, reverse engineering, and piracy. The courses
will cover methods of software security and protection including code
obfuscation to protect against reverse engineering, HW/SW attack,
software watermarking to protect against software piracy,
tamper-proofing to protect against integrity-violations of software,
and models of security for specifying attack strategies, metrics, and

Lists of speakers:
Prof. Christian Collberg, Univ. of Arizona, USA  
Mr. Yuan Xiang Gu, Irdeto, Canada  
Prof. Jack Davidson, Univ. of Virginia, USA 
Prof. Roberto Giacobazzi, Univ. of Verona, Italy  
Prof. Bjorn De Sutter, Ghent University, Belgium 

The school, which is the third in the series after Beijing 2010 and
Gent 2011, will help to address the very high demand in ICT
professionals and researchers in the areas of software security and
software intellectual property protection, with a particular attention
towards the growing demand of advanced software security technologies
and solutions in the US market.