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[PVS] [CFP]: 2nd ACM SIGPLAN Software Security and ProtectionWorkshop

                             Call for Papers and Participation

            2nd ACM SIGPLAN Software Security and Protection Workshop

                                June 16, 2012, Beijing, China


                                 Invited Speakers: 
                              Dawn Song (Berkeley, USA)
                       Dusko Pavlovic (University of Oxford, UK)

                       SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 1, 2012

This workshop is an integral part of the conference program of the
ACM Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation 
(PLDI'2012), June 11-16, 2012, Beijing, China.

The growing ubiquity of software systems as a means of providing
critical services make protecting software contents, data, and
intellectual property an important aspect of software development and
a necessity for successful industrial applications. Without strong
software security and protection techniques, software-based systems at
the heart of medical informatics, digital rights management, voting
systems, power distribution systems, transportation systems, and
financial systems, to name a few, will be vulnerable to disruptive and
potentially devastating attacks.

Software Security and Protection is a discipline that lies at the
crossroads of security, cryptography, networks, software engineering,
computer architecture, operating systems, and compiler design. This
workshop, the second following the 1st Software Security and
Protection Workshop July 11, 2011, Beijing, China, will provide a
forum for exploring and evaluating ideas on how to protect software
from tampering, reverse engineering, and piracy. Strongly encouraged
are proposals of new, speculative ideas; evaluations of new or known
techniques in practical settings; and discussions of emerging threats
and problems in metrics, tools, and procedures for evaluating
tamperproofing, watermarking, obfuscation, birthmarking, and
protection algorithms in general. The papers presented in the workshop
will appear in informal proceedings, distributed at the conference,
and the authors will be considered as the basis for establishing an
ACM Computing Surveys Symposium on Software Security and Protection,
to be organized and published in 2013.

Program Committee

   * Christian Collberg (Chair), collberg@gmail.com, University of Arizona, USA
   * Mila Dalla Preda, University of Bologna, Italy
   * Jack Davidson, jwd@virginia.edu, University of Virginia, USA
   * Roberto Giacobazzi, roberto.giacobazzi@univr.it, University of Verona, Italy
   * Yuan Xiang Gu, yuan.gu@irdeto.com, Irdeto, Canada
   * Akito Monden, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
   * Chuan-Kun Wu, chuankun.wu@gmail.com, SKLOIS, CAS, China

Scope of Topics

   * Security modeling
   * Theoretical models 
   * Protection metrics and measurements
   * Diversity metrics and measurements
   * Protection profiling
   * Protection verification
   * Protection evaluation procedures and methodology
   * Man-at-the-end attack analysis
   * Man-at-the-end attack detection
   * Security patterns 
   * Security life-cycle management
   * Security and performance trade-off
   * User interface design for controlling protection
   * Static security and dynamic security  
   * Secure software interaction to computer architecture and run-time environment 
   * Platform dependency and impact on software protection techniques
   * Software protection supporting technologies
   * Future challenges and trends
   * New cutting-edge protection technologies  

Important Dates

   * Paper submission: May 1, 2012
   * Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2012