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[PVS] Deadline Extension RTA 2012

     *                  DEADLINE EXTENSION                  *
     *                       RTA 2012                       *
     *         Rewriting Techniques and Applications        *
     *             23rd International Conference            *
     *                                                      *
     *         May 28 - Jun 2, 2012, Nagoya, Japan          *
     *       http://rta2012.trs.cm.is.nagoya-u.ac.jp/       *
     *                                                      *

The deadline for submission to RTA 2012 is being extended by a week.

The new dates are:
Abstract:           Jan 11, 2012 (extended by a week)
Paper Submission:   Jan 16, 2012 (extended by a week)
Notification:       Mar 02, 2012 (unchanged)
Final version:      Mar 26, 2012 (unchanged)

Abstracts and papers must be submitted electronically through the
EasyChair system at:

Submissions are accepted in either Postscript or PDF format.
LaTeX template for LIPIcs is available at:
LaTeX template specialized for RTA 2012 is available at:
Authors can use either one for preparing their submission.

For other details, please see the Call for Papers at:

Questions concerning submissions may be addressed to the PC chair,
Ashish Tiwari by emailing ashish_dot_tiwari_at_sri_dot_com