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[PVS] Information,2nd Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data AnalysisInternational Conference (SMTDA) 5-8 June 2012 Chania Crete, Greece

Dear Sir/Madame,


Here are answers to queries regarding the 2nd Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference (SMTDA) 5-8 June 2012 Chania Crete, Greece.


The deadline for Abstract submission is approaching (see at http://www.smtda.net/abstractregistration/importantdates.html ). However, the deadline for full paper submission is March 30, 2012. It is important first to submit your Abstract in time (maximum one page following the paper template format).

To give a talk only an Abstract is necessary which, upon acceptance, will be included into the Book of Abstracts.


If you submit a paper it will be considered, after the appropriate review, for the Conference Proceedings (Please follow the conference templates).

After presenting your paper in the conference you can send an extended version to be considered for the Post-conference Publications.


The Proceedings of the previous SMTDA2010 can be downloaded at: http://www.smtda.net/smtda2010proceedings.html


Prefer to make early bookings in the hosting Hotel Panorama at http://www.smtda.net/accommodation.html  (the special rates for the conference are for a limited number of rooms).

The economic situation in Greece resulted in better prices in several goods. More than 17 million tourists per year are visiting Greece. That is why the tourist services are very professional and several booking opportunities are possible through the web systems and especially for Chania, Crete.


Visiting Knossos is a must and the Minoan Palace is the one historical site you can't miss. We organise a one day excursion.


Looking forward to welcoming you in Chania, Crete for the Conference,


Dr. Anthi Katsirikou

Conference Secretary

















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