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[PVS] [CiE 2012] Turing Centenary Conference in Cambridge - Postersavailable

Dear All

We now have printed A2 copies of the beautiful poster for CiE 2012 in
Cambridge next June. All current members should receive one through the
mail from our Conference Series Secretary Luis Antunes in the next few
days. If you are unsure about your membership status, you can check at:


and, if your membership has lapsed, join at http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/acie/

Any non-members, or those who can use extra copies of the poster, please
let me know at: pmt6sbc@leeds.ac.uk

In the meantime, a large pdf file of the poster can be downloaded from:


Remember: The CiE 2012 webpage is at: http://www.cie2012.eu

and the deadline for LNCS submissions is: 20 January, 2012.

Please help us publicise this historic conference amongst your colleagues,
students and e-lists. It is going to be a memorable event!

All best wishes for the festive season from all at Association CiE


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