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[PVS] Research in WSEAS (Plenary Speakers)


New Prospective Plenary Speakers must send their CV to mastor@wseas.org


-The subconference to which you believe your lecture fits
-Your complete affiliation
-The Title & Abstract of your presentation
-A brief biography of yours, in the form of 1-2 paragraphs
-A photograph of yours, preferably portrait.

EXAMPLE: See http://www.wseas.us/conferences/2010/cambridge/pharmacology/Plenary7.htm for an example.

until Nov. 30 , 2011

In case of acceptance, Plenary Speakers will benefit of a free registration / participation to the conference
and the right to publish as many as 3 Papers free of charge in the conference proceedings.
Note that your name must be included in the authors of the paper(s) and that
the benefits apply only to you and not your co-authors. All papers will need to be presented during the conference.



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