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[PVS] CFPs: International Conference in Hong Kong

Title: CFPs: International Conference in Hong Kong


We are seeking submissions that present original and unpublished contributions addressing various aspects of e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology, including empirical studies, application, case studies, reports on new ideas or emerging trends, fundamental theories, practical methodologies, literature surveys, and meta analysis.


Submission Deadline

The submissions should be prepared in all-in-one PDF or Word files (not exceeding 20 pages, including figures, tables, and references) and submitted via the following web system before October 15, 2011:



The conference website: http://www.e-case.org/2012/



Awards and Publication Opportunities

Competitive papers would be recommended for fast-track reviews to the International Journal of Business and Information and International Journal of Cyber Society and Education that agree to publish special issues from the conference collections. Of the competitive papers, around 8-10 percents will be awarded as Distinguished Papers. Among Distinguished Papers, top three will be awarded Best Papers with a medal and cash prize of US$ 500.


Please pass this information to your colleagues and academic communities who may be interested in this conference.


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