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10th IEEE* I2TS'2011 – 10th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Conference
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, Brazil - December 19-21, 2011  www.i2ts.org




* Edition of 10 years * The symposium is being elevate to a Full Conference Status. *IEEE Technical Support pending approval


Submissions – August 14,  2011.   * Firm deadline *
Notification – September 30, 2011.
Camera Ready - October 15, 2011.
Authors Registration *Mandatory* – November 30, 2011.
Conference – December 19-21, 2011.

The 10th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Conference to be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, serves as an international forum for people from academia, industry, research laboratories and technological parks for presenting recent results in information and telecommunication technologies research and applications.

Extended versions of best papers will be publish in a special issue of IEEE Latin America Transactions Journal.

(index by ISBN, IEEE Xplore, ISI, DOI, CapesQualis). http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/RecentIssue.jsp?reload=true&punumber=9907

Best papers of I2TS’2010 previous edition are already available at

http://www.ewh.ieee.org/reg/9/etrans/esp/  and   http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/tocresult.jsp?isnumber=5765565

I2TS’2011 CONFERENCE TOPICS Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: 

Digital Communication; Digital Television; Collaborative systems and Applications; Communication Systems;
Communication Circuits; Transmission and optical systems; Satellite and space communications;
Signal Processing for Communications; MIMO Systems, Multicarrier Systems; Cooperative Network Coding;
Performance Modeling and Evaluation; Cellular Communications; 4G Technologies; Mesh Networks;

 Wireless Communications and standards; Mobile and Wireless Networks. Mobile Ad Hoc; Sensor Networks;
Cognitive Radio Networks. Wireless services and applications; Wireless network protocols, design and performance;
Mobile Computing and Vehicle Communications; Emerging standards.

Cognitive Computing and Networking; Optical Networks; Self-Organizing and Autonomic Computing; Voice on IP;
Real-Time and Embedded Systems; Network Protocols: Modeling and Performance Evaluation; Peer-to-Peer Systems;
Multimedia Systems, Quality of Service and Provisioning; Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications;
Communication QoS, Reliability and Performance Modeling; Communications systems integration and modeling;
Quality and performance evaluation; Reliability of systems and networks; Standardization aspects of QoS and reliability;
Traffic engineering; Network Planning and Management; Distributed Collaborative Virtual Environments;
Next Generation Networks and Internet; Communications and Energy Efficiency; Parallel and Distributed Systems;

Communications technologies for green solutions; Distributed Algorithms and Architectures; Distributed Data Management;
Protocols for Large-Scale Distributed Systems; Distributed Simulation: Network simulation techniques;

Large Scale Distributed Interactive Simulation; Clusters and Grid Networking.

Web-Based Intelligent Systems (architectures, programming models, tools); Internet Services and Applications;
Data Mining Applications; Datamining and Data Storage Technology; Information Technology and Governance;

Virtualization technologies; Computer Graphics and Visualization; Audio, Image and Video Systems; Free Software: Tools,

Intelligent Systems: Agent Applications, Languages, Pattern Recognition, Expert Systems and Genetic Algorithms;

Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics and Telemedicine Systems; Systems and Applications; Technology for Education.

Cryptography systems and secure protocols; Digital signatures, Public key Infrastructure; Electronic Documents Security;

Network Security: Attack Detection and Defense Systems; Security and Privacy: Applications and Case Studies;

Cloud Computing Systems: Case studies and Applications; Computational Forense and Tools;.Future Internet Design.

High-quality original papers are solicited. Papers must be unpublished and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere.

Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and practical results of significance.
Full or position papers must be submitted at
Proposals for tutorials, workshop session, short courses and poster sessions must be informed in the paper body.

Format instructions are available at http://www.ewh.ieee.org/reg/9/etrans/eng/submission.htm

All papers will be reviewed by Technical Program Committee members and other experts active in the field to ensure high quality and relevance to the conference. Accepted papers, short papers, position papers, tutorials, workshops, short courses and posters will appear in the conference proceedings.


IEEE* Communications and Computer Societies

IEEE Region 9 - Latin America and IEEE South Brazil
IEEE Latin America Transactions Journal

Sao Jose University: 1 out the 25 current best institutions in Brazil according the Education Ministry. www.usj.edu.br




Antonio Alfredo Ferreira Loureiro - UFMG - Brazil
Azzedine Boukerche - University of Ottawa - Canada

Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare - São José University – Brazil


Abbas, Claudia Barenco - UnB - Brazil

Albuquerque, Célio Vinicius Neves – UFF – Brazil

Alencar, Marcelo Sampaio – UFCG - Brazil
Almula , Mohamed - Kwait University

Alvarez, Luis Marco – UTA - Chile
Anquetil, Nicolas Pierre Francois - Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil

Aquino, Francisco José – IFCE - Brazil
Araujo, Regina Borges - UFSCar - Brazil

Barría, Marta – Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile
Benyoucef, Morad - University of Ottawa - Canada
Bononi , Luciano - University of Bologna, Italy
Boukerche, Azzedine - University of Ottawa - Canada
Breunig , Adriano - CEFET-MT - Brazil
Brasil, Lourdes Mattos - Catholic University of Brasilia - Brazil

Bravo, César Alberto Pariente – UESC – Brazil

Calamoneri – University of Rome La Sapienza - Italy
Camargo, João Batista - USP - Brazil

Campos, Carlos Alberto Vieira – UniRio - Brazil

Cansian, Adriano – Unesp – Brazil)

Castilho, Fernando Marcos – PUC-RS - Brazil

Castillo, Ignácio, IEEE – México
Castro, Julio Cesar Hernández - Universidad Carlos III - Spain
Chehri, Abdellah Chehri – University of Ottawa - Canada

Correa, Pedro Luiz P. - USP – Brazil

Costa, Daniel = UFC - Brazil

Carvalho, Cassiano Zeferino Neto – USJ - Brazil

Dantas, Mario A. R. - UFSC – Brazil

Dias, Maurício Henrique Costa – IME – Brazil

Dias, Roberto Alexandre – IFSC - Brazil

Faustino, Anderson – UEM - Brazil
Ferneda, Edílson - Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil

Fialho, Juçá Vazata Dias – PapyrusTextos, Brazil
Fileto, Renato - UFSC/INE - Brazil
Fortes, Renata Pontin. - USP - Brazil
Frohlich, Antonio Augusto Medeiros - UFSC/INE - Brazil

Galdino, Juraci – IME - Brazil
Giannattasio, Gustavo – IEEE Uruguay

Giménez, Enrique Dávalos – UMA – Paraguai

Giozza, William – UnB - Brazil

Girardi, Maria Thereza Rocco – IME - Brazil

Greve, Fabiola - UFBA – Brazil

Guardia, Hélio Crestana - UFSCar – Brazil

Guelfi, Adilson – LSI/USP – Brazil

Guimarães, Alberto - IME – Brazil

Higaki, Hiroaki – Tokyo Denki University - Japan
Ionescu, Dan - University of Ottawa – Canada

Jabour, Eugenia Giancolli – IFET-MG - Brazil
Jardini, José Antonio - USP - Brazil

Junior, João Benedito S. – PUC-MG - Brazil
Karatza, Helen - University of Thessaloniki - Greece

Klautau, Aldebaro – UFPA – Brazil

Lee, Huei – Unioeste - Brazil

Lerendegui, Norberto – IEEE Argentina
Loureiro, Antônio Alfredo Ferreira - UFMG - Brazil

Machado, Renato – UFSM – Brazil

Machado, Renato Bobsin – Unioeste - Brazil

Maciel, Cristiano – UFMT - Brazil
Martinez, Jeimy José Cano - Uniandes - Colômbia

Martins, Joberto – Unifasc - Brazil
Mateus, Geraldo Robson - UFMG - Brazil
Mello, Rodrigo Fernandes - USP - Brazil

Melo, Alba – UnB - Brazil
Min, Geyong - University of Bradford - UK

Monteiro, José Augusto Suruagy – Unifacs - Brazil
Moreira, Edson dos Santos - USP - Brazil

Moura, David = IME – Brazil

Mota, Edjair – UFAM - Brazil

Muchaluat-Saade, Débora – UFF - Brazil
Narasimhan, Lakshmi - University of Newcastle - Australia

Neto, Augusto – UFG - Brazil
Notare, Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni - Barddal University - Brazil
Oliveira, Hilda Carvalho – Unesp – Brazil

Oliveira, Jauvane – LNCC – Brazil

Oliverira, Mauro – IFCE - Brazil
Oliveira, Ruy - CEFET-MT - Brazil
Ould-Khaoua, Mohamed - Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Pagliari, Carla – IME - Brazil
Paris, Jehan-François - University of Houston - USA
Pedroza, Alysio de Castro Pinto - UFRJ – Brazil

Penna, Manoel Camillo de Oliveira Neto – PUC-PR – Brazil

Pias, Marcelo – University of Cambridge – UK

Piccoli, Maria – Universidad de San Luis – Argentina

Pinto, Raquel – IME – Brazil

Pontes, Elvis – USP - Brazil
Pizzolato, Ednaldo. – UFSCar – Brazil

Pozzebon, Eliane – UFSC - Brazil
Puttini, Ricardo Staciarini - UnB - Brazil
Quiel, Tania – IEEE Panama

Ralha, Celia Ghedini - UnB - Brazil

Riso, Bernardo Gonçalves – UFSC - Brazil
Rocha , Carlos Aurelio F. - UFSC - Brazil
Sklavos, Nicolas - Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi - Greece

Salgueiro, Ediayne – UFPE - Brazil

Salles, Ronaldo Moreira – IME – Brazil

Sargento, Susana – Universidade de Aveiro - Portugal

Shinoda, Ailton, Unesp - Brazil
Silva, Jorge Sá - DEI/UC - Portugal
Siqueira, Frank Augusto - UFSC - Brazil
Sobral, João Bosco Mangueira - UFSC - Brazil
Souza Jr , Rafael T. – UnB - Brazil
Trevelin, Luis Carlos - UFSCar - Brazil

Vidal, Paulo César Salgado – IME - Brazil
Villalba, Luis Javier García - Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain
Walter, Maria Emilia Machado Telles - UnB - Brazil
Wangham, Michelle - Univali - Brazil
Weigang, Li - UnB - Brazil – Brazil

Wu Feng Chung – Onioeste - Brazil

Wuensche, Carlos Alexandre – DAS/INPE – Brazil

Zivani, Artur – LNCC - Brazil

Zomaya, Albert - University of Sydney – Australia



Adelir Shüler – Dígitro

Ana Maria Bessa - UFSC

Dario Pinheiro - DCP

Djalma Berger Cardoso – USJ Dean

Edna Ghiorzi Varela Parente – USJ

Fernando Augusto da Silva Cruz – UFSC

Igor Vinicius Mussoi de Lima – Itaipu Binational

Lília Lúbia Consalter Agnes – UFSC

Márcia Kühn Arroyo – Banco do Brasil

Paulo Cardieri - UNICAMP - Brazil

Rudinéia Deon – VirtuaComm

Saulo Popov Zambiasi - Unisul

Sinara Branco - UFCG

Underléia Cabreira Corrêa – UFSC

Valter Monteiro de Oliveira Júnior - UFSC



Profa Dra Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare
http://lattes.cnpq.br/8224632340074096  mirela@ieee.org
Papyrus – Revisão de Textos

USJ – Sao Jose Municipal University www.usj.edu.br 
UFSC – Distributed Mobile Computing & Network Security CNPq Research Group (co-leader)
IEEE Latin America Transactions, Editor-in-chief


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