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[PVS] CFP: International Journal of Software Engineering SpecialIssue (deadline: October 15, 2011)

Call for Papers

Principles and Practices of Software Engineering

Special Issue of International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)




The ever-shifting organizational needs, as well as the volatile markets within which we operate, present various technological challenges. We require appropriate technologies that increase efficiency in production and revenue. Consequently, engineering such systems is critical for ensuring that organizations receive value from such initiatives. The field of Software Engineering provides the appropriate engineering principles and practices upon which the development of such technologies hinges. Despite the various research efforts already shown in this area, many challenges still remain. Research in principles and practice of software engineering spans various dimensions. Software engineering is a creative design activity which must be practiced systematically. New techniques have to be devised, while existing techniques must be tested in a range of environments to determine whether and how they are useful and relevant. This special issue aims at reporting research, innovative techniques, and practical works conducted in the area of software engineering. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


-    Development practices and approaches

-    Software Development Tools and Infrastructure

-    Software Project Management

-    Software Process

-    Requirements Engineering

-    Software Architectures & Design

-    Software Security

-    Testing & Quality assurance

-    Software Economics

-    Software Measurement

-    Validation and Verification


Important Dates:


Submission Due: October 15, 2011

Acceptance Notification: November 15, 2011

Final Submission: December 1, 2011

Publication Date: January 2012


Guest Editors:


Jemal Abawajy – Deakin University, Australia


Mukaddim Pathan - CSIRO, Australia


Christian Vecchiola – IBM Research, Australia



Submission Details:


Contributions are called for review on the understanding that the same work has not been published and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Substantially revised (minimum 30% of new content) versions of papers published in conference proceedings can also be submitted. In this case, the original paper should also be enclosed. Submissions in PDF format are to be uploaded via http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijse_secc. Submissions should not exceed 20 pages, according to the guidelines and template at: http://www.ijse.org.eg/QGuide.asp.






Dr Mukaddim Pathan

Research Scientist, CSIRO ICT Center &

Lecturer (Adjunct), Australian National University

Room # S214, 108 North Road, Acton, ACT 2601, Australia

Contact: +61-2-6216 7097 (Office)

Email: mukaddim.pathan@csiro.au

Web: www.ict.csiro.au/staff/mukaddim.pathan