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[PVS] FMSPLE 2010 - Call for Participation


First Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Product Line Engineering
(FMSPLE 2010), September 14, 2010

Co-located with the 14th International Software Product Line Conference
(SPLC 2010), September 13 -17, Jeju Island, Korea


Software product line engineering (SPLE) aims at the development of a
family of systems at less costs, higher quality and less time by
large-scale reuse. Formal methods are increasingly used in single system
engineering today in order to improve the quality of the system under
development. Applying formal methods in SPLE is a promising approach to
address many challenges in SPLE. However, the application of formal
methods in SPLE requires their extension, in particular, to deal with
product line variability and system diversity.

The aim of the FMSPLE workshop is to bring together practitioners and
researchers from the formal methods and the product line communities.
The goal is to review the state of the art and practice how formal
methods are applied in product line engineering and to discuss ideas how
product line engineering can be improved by formal methods.


The FMSPLE workshop focuses on the application of formal methods in all
phases of SPLE, including family and application engineering, and on
formal methods for ensuring the correctness and consistency of the
artifacts considered in all phases of SPLE. The topics of interest
include, but are not limited to:

- Formal methods for variability modeling and analysis of feature models
- Formal methods in domain analysis and scoping
- Formal methods for product line architectures
- Formal methods for component-based product line development
- Formal methods for product line implementation, such as programming
languages, formal language semantics, type systems
- Formal verification of product lines and product line artifacts,
including theorem proving, model checking, and static analysis techniques
- Correctness-by-construction techniques applied in SPLE
- Formal methods for non-functional properties in SPLE
- Automated test case generation and formal testing in SPLE
- Formal methods for product derivation and application engineering
- Formal methods in model-based development of product lines
- Tools and applications of formal methods in SPLE
- Empirical evaluation and industrial experiences of applying formal
methods in SPLE
- Integration of formal methods into the software product line life-cycle
- Formal methods for product line evolution


The workshop will be held on September 14, 2010, on Jeju Island (South
Korea), co-located with the SPLC conference from 13 - 17 September 2010.


0900h - 0915h	Welcome

0915h - 1030h	Keynote by Mike Hinchey (Lero, Ireland): "Formally
Specifying Families of Space Exploration Missions"

1100h - 1230h	Session 1: Feature Modeling
- Enrique Martínez and Gerardo Schneider.  Analysing Variability of
Software Product Lines
- Pim van den Broek, Ismênia Galvão and Joost Noppen. Merging Feature Models
- Dave Clarke and Jose Proenca. Towards a Theory of Views for Feature Models

1400h - 1530h Session 2: Modeling and Analysing Variability
- Radu Muschevici, Dave Clarke and Jose Proenca. Feature Petri Nets
- Pim van den Broek. Optimization of Product Instantiation using Integer
- Hamideh Sabouri and Ramtin Khosravi. An Effective Approach for
Verifying Product Lines in Presence of Variability Models

1600h - 1700h	Session 3: Methodology
- Dave Clarke, Nikolay Diakov, Reiner Hähnle, Einar Broch Johnsen,
German Puebla, Balthasar Weitzel and Peter Wong. HATS - A Formal
Software Product Line Engineering Methodology
- Martin Becker, Soeren Kemmann and K.C. Shashidhar. Integrating
Software Safety and Product Line Engineering using Formal Methods:
Challenges and Opportunities

1700h - 1730h Closing Discussion "Practical and Theoretical Challenges
of Formal Methods in SPLE"


Registration for FMSPLE is via registration for the SPLC 2010 conference
at: http://splc2010.postech.ac.kr/registration.html


Ina Schaefer (Chalmers, SE) (Co-Chair)
Gerardo Schneider (U Gothenburg, SE)
Martin Becker (IESE, DE)
Ralf Carbon (IESE, DE) (Co-Chair)
Sven Apel (U Passau, DE)
Dirk Muthig (Lufthansa Systems, DE)
Frank van der Linden (Philips, NL)
Frank de Boer (CWI, NL)
Dave Clarke (KU Leuven, BE)
Patrick Heymans (Namur, BE)
Manfred Broy (TU Munich, DE)
Tomoji Kishi (Waseda University, JP)
John McGregor (Clemson University, US)
Mark Staples (NICTA, AU)
David Benavides (U Seville, ES)
Natsuko Noda (NEC Cooperation, JP)


Ina Schaefer (Chalmers, SE)
Martin Becker (IESE, DE)
Ralf Carbon (IESE, DE)
Sven Apel (U Passau, DE)

Dr.-Ing. Ina Schaefer

Chalmers University of Technology
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone: +46 - 31 - 772 - 1072
Email: schaefer@chalmers.se