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[PVS] CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - ECOOP conference tutorials

Title: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - ECOOP conference tutorials

Dear Colleagues,

In June, the city of Maribor will host one of the most prominent European conferences on object-oriented programming and related areas - ECOOP2010. Within the conference we are organizing several tutorials at the reasonable pricing of 120,00 EUR for half day tutorials and 180,00 EUR for full day tutorials. The registration to the conference or workshops is NOT a pre-requirement for attending the tutorial.

The list of tutorials is:

Tutorial 1: Effective Model Driven Engineering Patterns Principles and Practices in Action
Tutorial 2: Porting and Using Squawk Java Virtual Machine on Open Source Lego Mindstorms NXT
Tutorial 3: Leveraging business success with BPMN
Tutorial 4: Generative Software Development
Tutorial 5: Semantic Web Technologies: Tools, Cases and Lessons Learned
Tutorial 6: Exploring typed language design in Haskell

For more information please visit:


Best regards,

ECOOP organizers