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[PVS] CfPart: Petri net course

This year the Petri net conference (PETRI NETS 2010) and the ACSD 2010
are joined conferences (http://acsd-petrinets2010.di.uminho.pt).

Besides the invited speakers, affiliated workshops, and tutorials, we
offer a new 3 day long course on Petri Nets.

This new course is especially interesting for graduate and PhD
students, but also to anybody interested on a complete introduction to
Petri nets taught by some of the top experts in the field. For
participating in the entire course including the examinations, three
credit points (ects) will be given from Leiden University (The

All the relevant information can be found on the addresses below.
Petri Net Course

June 20-22, 2010

Venue: Sentir Falperra Hotel, Braga, Minho, Portugal

Registration: http://acsd-petrinets2010.di.uminho.pt/?page=Registration

Joao Paulo Barros
Publicity chair