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[PVS] Call for Participation: Mancoosi International SolverCompetition

       The Mancoosi International Solver Competition (MISC)
                   Call for Participation

The Mancoosi project (www.mancoosi.org) calls for the first
international competition of solvers for package/component
installation and upgrade problems. Instances of these problems are
given by a set of currently installed or available software packages,
with complex relations between them like dependencies, conflicts, and
features. The problem instances used in the competition are expressed
in a language called CUDF that allows to express relationships between
components like they are known for instance in GNU/Linux
distributions, or for Eclipse plugins. We are not only interested in
finding some solution to such a problem, but in finding the best
solution according to two different optimization criteria. For a
detailed description please look at the competition web page


Participating solvers will be judged by the correctness of the
solution, the quality of the solution according to the respective
optimization criteria, and speed. The results of the competition will
be announced on July 10 on the LoCoCo workshop at FLoC

- May 31: Registration of participants by email to
- June 10: Submission of solvers
- July 10: announcement of the results

Organization Committee:
Pietro Abate, University Paris-Diderot, France
Roberto Di Cosmo, University Paris-Diderot, France (co-chair)
Ralf Treinen, University Paris-Diderot, France (co-chair)
Stefano Zacchiroli, University Paris-Diderot, France