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[PVS] Call for Papers: 2010 AAAI CAS Fall Symposium

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AAAI 2010 CAS Symposium: November 11-13, Arlington, VA, USA

Call for Papers: Due date - May 31st.

Synopsis: Companies, societies, markets, and people rarely stay in a stable, predictable state for long.  Yet all these systems are characterized by the notable persistence of some key attributes which maintain their identities, even as their constituent parts change and adapt to new environments.  What is it about these systems that define their identity?  How do we characterize them?  What are the forces that allow a system to persist, even in the face of turbulence and change?

We invite submission from the community of CAS researchers that address resilience, robustness, or evolvability in any of the Natural, Physical, or Social sciences.  Papers may represent either complete work, or more speculative, in-progress results.  Panel submissions are also invited.

It is our belief that bringing together researchers and students from diverse fields will allow the free-flow of ideas across disciplinary boundaries.  In this way, deep understanding in one domain can be leveraged to gain insight into others.


Ted Carmichael
co-Chair, 2010 AAAI CAS Symposium