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[PVS] PhD in AI for Formal Methods available at Edinburgh

Dear colleague,

--- apologies for multiple postings ---

The mathematical reasoning research group in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh is advertising for a PhD funded by the EPSRC project "AI4FM: Using AI to aid automation of proof search in Formal Methods". The proposed topic of the PhD is "The Productive Use of Failure in Formal Methods".

I would be very grateful if you could encourage any suitable students who you think might be interested in applying for this PhD.

Here are some links:

* A description of the proposed PhD project: http://wcms.inf.ed.ac.uk/pgrguide/prospectus/projects-container/the-productive-use-of-failure-in-formal-methods

* The web page for the AI4FM project: http://www.ai4fm.cs.ncl.ac.uk/

* Our School's PhD application page: http://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/postgraduate/phd.html

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Alan Bundy
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