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[PVS] CfPart: Spring School on Resilience and Self-* Systems

Spring School on Resilience and Self-* Systems

April 13-14, 2010  

Associated with the 2nd International Workshop on

Software Engineering for Resilient Systems (SERENE)

Birkbeck  College (London, UK)


The first SERENE School on engineering aspects of resilience and self-* 

systems brings together world-wide renewed researchers, students, and 

early career researchers to discuss the main advances in methods and 

tools that ensure resilience to faults, errors and malicious attacks 

even when systems can self-adapt in unpredictable ways.

The SERENE 2010 School is organized into 4 talks. This edition of 

the School will focus on the following topics: architectures, 

run-time models, dependability, self-healing, self-managed systems, 

trust and security, tools.

We have the pleasure of hosting the following four world-wide 

renewed researchers.


Speaker: Paola Inverardi, University of L’Aquila, Italy

Title: Assessing dependability for mobile and ubiquitous systems: 

Is there a role for Software Architectures?

Speaker: Jeff Magee, Imperial College London, UK

Title: Engineering Self-Managed Software Systems

Speaker: Aad van Moorsel, University of Newcastle, UK

Title: Tools to Make Objective Information Security Decisions

Speaker: Mauro Pezze, University of Lugano, Switzerland, and 

University of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Title: Software Self-Healing


Registration is open to any student and researcher. The registration 

fees are as follows:

Spring School only:

Student £125
Other   £175


Spring School & SERENE Workshop:

Student £275
Other   £350

The School is organised by the ERCIM SERENE WG

For more information, please contact

Henry Muccini

Spring School Director

University of L’Aquila, Italy