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[PVS] DCC2010 -- Workshop on Designing Correct Circuits

I am taking the liberty of sending a message to this list to encourage
members to participate in the 2-day Workshop on Designing Correct
Circuits (DCC) being held on 20-21 March 2010 in conjunction with
ETAPS 2010 in Paphos, Cyprus, and to request them to bring this
invitation to any of their colleagues who might be interested.

DCC will bring together researchers from academia and industry for two
days of technical papers and discussion on formal methods in hardware
design and verification.  It will allow participants to learn about
the state of the art and is intended to spark a stimulating debate on
how more effective design and verification methods can be developed.

Much research in hardware verification now takes place in industry, as
well as in academia. For the long term survival of our field, we must
ensure that academics and industrial researchers get the best out of
each other in tackling the real problems facing microprocessor and
ASIC design, now and into the future. A major aim of this workshop is
to provide a congenial venue in which connections between the two
communities can be made.

Information about the programme can be found at the DCC website


To register, go to the ETAPS 2010 website


ETAPS is a confederation of conferences, workshops, and tutorials.
You can register for different combinations of these -- or just for
the DCC workshop, if that's all you want to attend. See the ETAPS
registration website for full information on registration options and
fees, as well as accommodation.

Please note that citizens of certain contries will need visas in order
to enter Cyprus.  The ETAPS administration will be happy to issue
invitation letters to those who need them. The list of countries whose
nationals need a visa to visit Cyprus can be found at


(Citizens of the European Union and most American countries, including
Canada and the United States, are exempt from this requirement.)

I very much hope to see many of you in Cyprus next month, and I
apologise for sending this message to members whose interests are in
other fields.

Joe Stoy