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[PVS] CP 2010: Call for Tutorials

              Call for Tutorial Proposals

                    CP 2010
         Sixteenth International Conference on
       Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming
             6-10th September 2010
              St-Andrews, Scotland

The CP 2010 tutorial chair invites proposals for the Tutorial Program.

CP 2010  tutorials are   ideally   targeted at the    whole constraint
community and should give a state-of-the-art description of a thriving
field of research inside or related  to constraint programming. Topics
such  as symmetry    in  constraint networks,    numerical CSP, global
constraints,   connections   with   satisfiability   of   mathematical
programming are example of topics which have been adressed in previous
CP conferences.  Topics with well  identified scientific questions and
an  associated body  of  knowledge and which   have recently witnessed
marked progress in theory and/or practice are especially welcome.

The tutorials will take place during the main technical program.

Important Dates

  - May 14,    2010: Proposal submission deadline
  - May 29,    2010: Acceptance notification
  - June 5,    2010: Speaker(s) to submit a more detailed tutorial syllabus
  - Sept 6-10, 2010: CP main technical program and tutorials

Proposals for tutorials should contain the following information:
     * The  title with a technical description  of  the tutorial on one
       page, specifying  the topic, the  targeted audience,  the goals,
       the technical  issues it will focus  on and a short bibliography
       of few important references.
     * A brief discussion of why and to whom the tutorial is of interest.
     * The name and email address of the organizers together with their
       qualifications and previous experience.

Submitting a Proposal
       All proposals should be submitted by electronic mail (in ASCII),
       to the tutorial chair.

CP'10 Tutorial Chair
Thomas Schiex
Mail, address, phone: see http://www.inra.fr/mia/T/schiex