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[PVS] ITP-10: Call for Rough Diamonds

                     Call for "Rough Diamonds"
        ITP 2010: Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving
                11-14 July 2010, Edinburgh, Scotland

As previously announced, the deadline is today for abstracts of papers
to be submitted to ITP 2010.  However, we have waived the requirement
for abstracts of submissions in the "rough diamonds" category; such
submissions will be accepted through Friday, January 22 (the paper
submissions deadline for full papers).  Quoting from the Call for

  In addition to regular submissions, described
  above, there will be a "rough diamonds" section.
  Rough diamond submissions are limited to four
  pages and may consist of an extended abstract.
  They will be refereed: they will be expected to
  present innovative and promising ideas, possibly
  in an early form and without supporting
  evidence.  Accepted diamonds will be published
  in the main proceedings.  They will be presented
  at the conference venue in a poster session.

Please see the above URL for the full Call for Papers, which includes
instructions for submission using EasyChair.

Matt Kaufmann and Larry Paulson (ITP 2010 co-chairs)