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[PVS] Journals (hypersciences_publisher)

Dear colleague,

The HyperSciences Publisher (www.hypersciences.orog) is a publishing House
with a particular vocation for the field of sciences. This Company is
publishing 9 journals:

1. International Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication
Engineering (IJISTE)
2. International Journal of Signal and Image Processing  (IJSIP)
3. International Journal of Systems Control (IJSC)
4. International Journal of Universal Computer Sciences (IJUCS)
5. Journal of Advanced Research in Mechanical Engineering (JARME)
6. Journal of Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Application (JAITA)
7. Journal of Electrical Engineering: Theory and Application (JEETA)
8. Journal of Modelling and Simulation of Systems (JMSS)
Journal of Studies on Manufacturing (JSM)
Which will be deivered bi-monthly.
The HyperSciences Journals are offered free of charge to all the public
libraries of the universities of the world. In such a way, the widest
distribution and penetration both of the Review and of the job of the
Author in the scientific community is assured. Thanks to the
gratuitousness of the Review and to the high standard of the Editorial
board we are expecting to become one of the most widely circulated and
read Reviews in the field, in a short time.
By this e-mail we would like to invite you to submit a paper to the
Editorial board of this Journals for publication.
Unpublished papers and extended versions of papers presented at
conferences may be submitted for publication. Full instructions can be
found on the web site
HyperSciences Journals guarantee a very short review process. Any accepted
paper will be published within 10 Weeks from the submitted date.
After a manuscript has been accepted, and the author has been notified of
acceptance, the author or the authorís organization should buy 4 copies of
the Journal issue (4x37,5 = euros 150 + shipment costs), to help offset
the publication costs.
Our deadlines are the following:
Manuscript received within 28.12.2009 if accepted, will be published on
the January 2010 issue
Manuscript received within 31.01.2010 if accepted, will be published on
the March 2010 issue
Manuscript received within 31.03.2010 if accepted, will be published on
the May 2010 issue
Manuscript received within 15.01.2010 if accepted, will be published on
the February 2010 issue
Manuscript received within 28.02.2010 if accepted, will be published on
the April 2010 issue
Manuscript received within 30.04.2010 if accepted, will be published on
the June 2010 issue
In order to plan our work, if you intend to submit your paper for the
publication on the September issue of the Review, please, answer this
e-mail as soon as possible.
We hope to receive your paper.

Sincerely yours,
Head of the Editorial Staff
HyperSciences Publisher