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[PVS] [SPEC] Call for Benchmarks

          [Please accept our apologies if you receive multiple copies]

                             CALL FOR BENCHMARKS
                      SPEC CPU Benchmark Search Program

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is looking for
applications that could be used in the next SPEC CPU benchmark suite.

Submissions that are accepted by SPEC and are included in the next suite
earn their submitters $5000 and a license for the new suite (when released).

The SPEC CPU benchmarks are widely known and widely used for measurement
of compute intensive performance, and for research and development of
CPUs, memory systems, and compilers.

Benchmarks have been drawn from many areas, including:

   - AI game theory
   - bioinformatics
   - chemistry
   - compilers
   - interpreters
   - data compression
   - fluid dynamics
   - physics
   - speech recognition
   - video processing
   - weather prediction

SPEC is not limiting consideration to just these areas. A proposed
application may come from any area or field of work.

It is acceptable for parallel/threaded codes or applications to be

For more details, please visit: http://www.spec.org/cpu/cpuv6/

Questions about the search program can be directed to SPEC at: