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[PVS] [combest-teamleaders ] Embedded Systems Week;October 11-16 2009, Grenoble

Title: Embedded Systems Week Conference: call for participation - Grenoble, October 11 to 16, 2009

DEADLINE IS September 20th  

ESWEEK 2009 (Embedded Systems Week) the world premier technical event on embedded systems, held this year in world trade center Grenoble France , October 11 to 16, 2009, will bring together several conferences, tutorials and workshops centred on various aspects of embedded systems research and development. Three leading conferences in the area – CASES for compilers, CODES+ISSS for Hardware-Software Codesign and System Synthesis, EMSOFT for embedded software, ELC-E (Embedded Linux Conference Europe)- will take place in the same week.  More over a full day, Wed 14 Oct, will be focused on industrial application of embedded systems in addition to an Embedded System Exhibition organized by Minalogic, the local ecosystem representing Nanoelectronics and embedded system Industry. The whole setting will be a unique opportunity for engineers, researchers and executives to explore new ideas and refine strategic thinking in the areas of embedded systems.

CASES: http://esweek09.inrialpes.fr/conferences/cases/index.shtml
CODES+ISSS: http://esweek09.inrialpes.fr/conferences/codesisss/index.shtml
EMSOFT: http://www-verimag.imag.fr/EMSOFT09

Co-located Events:
ELC-E'09: Embedded Linux Conference Europe: Thursday and Friday October 15th and 16th, 2009.
ESE'09: Embedded Systems Exhibition: Wednesday and Thursday October 14th and 15th, 2009.

Ahmed Jerraya
ESWeek Local Arrangement Chair

Highlights of ESWEEK: a full day devoted to Embedded System for Industry. Prominent speakers from industry will present Embedded Systems requirements, Challenges and Solutions, Industrial point of views. A keynote by Martin Nally, CTO, IBM Rational Software, will deal with challenges for embedded system design and productivity. A Special Session will gather Embedded System houses to explore a broad palette of embedded system strategies from NXP, Thales and STEricssion. A second special session presents different multicore computing platforms from NEC, Infineon, ST and ARM. Finally a Panel session, moderated by Marco Conero from STEricsson, will explore compilers for embedded systems platforms and discuss most promising products and solutions the existing on the market. 


Highlights of ELC-E will be Keynote speakers Jon Masters and Philippe Gerum that will talk about recent trends in Linux development including the state of real-time Linux - from two isolated kernels to a single pervasive real-time system. Also Gilad Ben-Yossef will present a talk, completing the main writers of the well-known book “Building Embedded Linux Systems”. Another famous Linux author, Alessandro Rubini, will talk about the use of the fast IRQ in ARM-Linux, and many more topics will be addressed ranging from embedded Linux distributions and build systems to application frameworks for rich UI. ELC-E will be a unique environment to meet with many core developers from around the world who are enthusiastic about building Linux-based software systems for small footprint environments.


Web Bug from http://trk.mail30.com/sx/sx?WiTcVZDmDdjm%2FlXyLV9Tv6Md9i8LxOnNBlWN7CTLzmDoJ%2FsmJa