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[PVS] Call for Abstracts -- Designing Correct Circuits 2010

I attach a Call for Abstracts for the "Designing Correct Circuits"
workshop to be held next March in Cyprus as a satellite event of

I would be most grateful if you would bring it to the attention of any
colleagues and friends who might be interested  -- and, please,
consider submitting an abstract yourself!

(Apologies if you accidentally get multiple copies of this.)


joe stoy
Designing Correct Circuits 2010
A Satellite Workshop of ETAPS'10
Cyprus, 20-21 March 2010


Abstracts due: Monday 23 November 2009
Notification of acceptance: Monday 21 December 2009
Final version: Wednesday 20 January 2010

A two-day workshop on the topic Designing Correct Circuits will be held on
20-21 March 2010 in Cyprus, as part of the ETAPS group of conferences. The
workshop will bring together researchers in formal methods for hardware design
and verification from academia and industry. It will allow participants to
learn about the current state of the art in formally-based hardware design and
verification, and is intended to spark debate about how more effective
verification methods can be developed. Much research in these areas now takes
place in industry, rather than in academia. For the long term survival of our
field, we must ensure that academics and industrial researchers continue to
work together on the real problems in correct circuit design and verification,
including those currently being faced in microprocessor design,
System-on-a-Chip development, and in the automotive and aerospace industries.

A major aim of this workshop is to strengthen the existing communication
channels and to open more of them. The DCC workshops have been held biennially
since 2002 and have always been a great success in creating an informal forum
where these issues could be discussed. We hope for something similar in 2010.

This call invites you to submit a one page description of a talk that you
would like to give at this workshop. One page abstracts of your talks can be
submitted to Joe Stoy (stoy@bluespec.com) by 23 November 2009. The
abstract should describe original work, and should indicate what distinguishes
your work from other research on languages for and approaches to the design
and verification of hardware. Describe the status of your work such as, for
example, industrial experience with conclusions, new idea with prototype
implementation, new theory, comparison of methods, etc. Please indicate
clearly how your talk will contribute to the kind of debate that we are hoping
to generate. Include a list of references on a second page if you
wish. Researchers from both industry and academia are encouraged to submit
talks. Speakers from industry who would be willing to present research
problems that they face (and with which they need help) would also be
welcome. We would like to be able to present a broad view of the current state
of the art in design and verification methods.

The final programme will be agreed by the workshop committee no later than 21
December 2009, and a final version of the material for the participants
proceedings will be due on 20 January 2010. This would preferably be a draft
paper, but could also be slides. The workshop speakers and the workshop
committee will decide after the workshop whether or not to make a more
permanent record, for example by arranging a special issue of a journal.

Workshop Committee

Arvind (MIT)
Per Bjesse (Synopsys)
Wolfgang Kunz (University of Kaiserslautern)
Bob Kurshan (Cadence)
Pete Manolios (Northeastern University)
Andy Martin (IBM)
Tom Melham (University of Oxford)
Gordon Pace (University of Malta)
Marc Pouzet (University of Paris-Sud)
Carl Seger (Intel)
Satnam Singh (Microsoft)
Joe Stoy (Bluespec)

Joe Stoy (stoy@bluespec.com)