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[PVS] ASCM 2009 and MACIS 2009 - Extended Submission Deadline

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      The Joint Conference of ASCM 2009 and MACIS 2009

                December 14th-17th, 2009

         JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel, Fukuoka, Japan

    Website: http://gcoe.math.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ascm-macis2009/
    Contact Address:  ascm-macis2009@math.kyushu-u.ac.jp


Sep 25, 2009  EXTENDED Submission deadline
Oct 20, 2009  Notification of acceptance/rejection

Two international conferences

* the 9th Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics (ASCM 2009) and
* the 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer
 and Information Sciences (MACIS 2009)

will be held jointly at Fukuoka in December 14th -17th, 2009 supported
by the GCOE program "Math-for-industry" of the Graduate School of
Mathematics of Kyushu University and Mathematical Research Center for
Industrial Technology of Kyushu University. The programs of ASCM and
those of MACIS will be organized independently by each program
committee except invited talks. Sessions of ASCM and those of MACIS
will be held in parallel and invited talks will be given in plenary.

The information on the format can be found at

Papers for MACIS 2009 should be electronically submitted to their
corresponding track by visiting

General Chair:

Masakazu Suzuki (Kyushu University, Japan)

Local chairs:

Hiroshi Yoshida (Kyushu University, Japan)
Tatsuyoshi Hamada (Fukuoka University/JST CREST, Japan)
Koji Nakagawa (Kyushu University, Japan)

Program Committee Chairs of the MACIS:

Hoon Hong  (North Carolina State University, USA)
Hirokazu Anai (Kyushu University/Fujitsu Laboratories LTD, Japan)

Program Committee Chairs of the ASCM:

Chee Yap (New York University, USA)
Yosuke Sato  (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

Coordinator of the joint conference:

Kazuhiro Yokoyama (Rikkyo University, Japan)

Program Committee Members of the MACIS:

Enric Rodriguez Carbonell (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)
Andrzej Cichocki (RIKEN, Japan)
Mohab Safey El Din (INRIA, France)
Jeremy Johnson (Drexel University, USA)
Masaaki Kanno (Niigata University, Japan)
Gabriel Dos Reis (Texas A&M University, USA)
Fabrice Rouillier (INRIA, France)
Eric Schost (Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada)
Hiroshi Yoshida (Kyushu University, Japan)

Program Committee Members of the ASCM:

Xiao-Shan Gao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Deepak Kapur (Univ. of New Mexico, USA)
Ziming Li (Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, China)
Hirokazu Murao (The University of Electro Communications, Japan)
Mitsuhiro Nakao (Kyushu Univesity, Japan)
Hyungju Park (KIAS, Korea)
Guenael Renault (LIP6, France)
Ko Sakai (Tsukuba University, Japan)
Alan P. Sexton (University of Birmingham, UK)
Volker Sorge (University of Birmingham, UK)
Gert Vegter (Groningen University, the Netherlands)
Dahan Xavier (Kyushu University, Japan)

ASCM 2009
The Asian Symposium on Computer Mathematics (ASCM) is a series of
conferences which serve as a forum for participants to present original
research, learn of research progress and developments, and exchange
ideas and views on doing mathematics using computers.

The previous ASCM meetings were held in Beijing, China (1995), Kobe,
Japan (1996), Lanzhou, China (1998), Chiang Mai, Thailand (2000),
Matsuyama, Japan (2001) , Beijing, China (2003), Seoul, Korea (2005),
Singapore, Singapore (2007). Further information on previous ASCM
symposium may be found at http://www.mmrc.iss.ac.cn/ascm.
This year, the meeting will consist of invited talks,
regular sessions of contributed papers, and three organized sessions.
Regular sessions are run in a traditional style of ASCM.
Each organized session is run by its organizer(s) independently.

Organized sessions:

1) Digitizing Mathematics -- From Pen and Paper to Digital Content
 Organizers: Volker Sorge and Alan P. Sexton (Univ. of Birmingham, UK)

2) Validated Numerical Computation
 Organizer: Mitsuhiro Nakao (Kyushu Univesity, Japan)

3) Computational Algebraic Number Theory
 Organizer: Guenael Renault (LIP6, France)

The selected papers presented at ASCM 2009 will be published
either in MCS special issues or in a volume of LNAI.

MACIS 2009
MACIS is a new series of conferences where foundational research on
theoretical and practical problems of mathematics for computing and
information processing may be presented and discussed. MACIS also
addresses experimental and case studies, scientific and engineering
computation, design and implementation of algorithms and software
systems, and applications of mathematical methods and tools to
outstanding and emerging problems in applied computer and information

The first MACIS conference took place in Beijing (China), July
24-26, 2006 (see http://www.cc4cm.org/macis2006/ for more
details). The second MACIS conference took place in Paris (France),
December 5-7, 2007 (see http://www-spiral.lip6.fr/MACIS2007/ for
more details).

MACIS2009 is run in a format where each PC member organizes a
session on a specific topic. MACIS 2009 consists of 9 sessions,
which are categorized into three main thema as shown in the


theme / sessions             |  PC member in charge

1) Polynomial system solving                                 

 a)complex                      Fabrice Rouillier (INRIA, France)
 b)real                         Mohab Safey El Din (INRIA,France)
 c)rational                     Eric Schost (U. Western Ontario, Canada)

2) Control/System/Signal

 a)control                      Masaaki Kanno (Niigata Univ.,Japan)
 b)system (bio/bio-inspired)    Hiroshi Yoshida (Kyushu Univ.,Japan)
 c)signal                       Andrzej Cichocki (RIKEN, Japan)

3) Software Science

 a)Analysis                     Enric Rodriguez-Carbonell (UPC, Spain)
 b)Synthesis                    Jeremy Johnson (Drexel University, USA)
 c)Language/Framework           Gabriel Dos Reis (Texas A&M Univ., USA)

The selected papers presented at MACIS 2009 will be published in MCS 
special issues.

Enric Rodriguez Carbonell                www.lsi.upc.edu/~erodri
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)  erodri@lsi.upc.edu

Office 114 - Omega Building
Department of Software (LSI)             Phone:  +34-93-4137792
Jordi Girona 1, 08034 Barcelona, Spain   Fax:    +34-93-4137833