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[PVS] [Researchers]8th I2TS´2009 - 09-11/12/2009 - Florianopolis BRASIL

I2TS'2009 – 8th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, December 09-11, 2009
Federal University of Santa Catarina
Center of Culture and Events

The 8th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium (I2TS'2009), www.i2ts.org ,
to be held in Florianópolis, Island of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, serves as an international
forum for people from academia, industry and research labs, for presenting recent results in information
and telecommunication technologies research and applications.
Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and practical results of significance.
Demonstration of new applications are welcome. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
1. Analog or Digital Telecommunications: Antennas, Devices, Networks and services, Digital TV and applications,  
Mobile applications, Telecommunication service management.
2. Wireless Networks: standards, ad hoc, mesh networks, self- organization sensor networks,
protocol simulation and performance, quality of service, mobile wireless network planning,    
WANs, LANs, wireless multimedia solutions, performance evaluation of wireless ad hoc and
sensor networks. RF channel modeling and analysis. QoS provisioning in wireless and mobile
3. Information Technologies and Applied Statistics: Information retrieval, Data mining,  Semantic Web,   
Recognition pattern and neural networks. Statistics Tools.  Knowledge engineering and   
intelligent systems.
4. Free Software: Freedom and cooperation, Ethics and practice, Open Source tools, Languages,
Operational systems, Learning interactive systems. Free Software and Work Market.
5. Distributed Computing and Real-Time Systems: Internet computing and web services systems, mobile   
computing, P2P systems, system integration, clusters, grid computing, cloud computing, Large
Scale Distributed Interactive Simulation, Real-Time Systems, Collaborative Virtual Environments.
6. Wired Computer Networks: Services and network management, Self-organization, Models and    
protocols for autonomic computing, Optical networks.
7. Computational Security: Electronic documents, System and network security, Security and
privacy of mobile/wireless systems, Anonymous protocols for ad hoc networks, Criminal in the 
Internet and electronic justice, Tools for computational forensic. Computer and   
communications network security.
8. Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Architectures, Context aware computing, Ubiquitous
software engineering, Modeling and environment simulation, Privacy, Pervasive computing   
environments and emerging models. Performance evaluation of pervasive and ubiquitous 
9. Telemedicine Information Systems and Medical: Information and image processing, Tools and
distributed applications. Bio-informatics applications.
10.Research and Development for Innovative Technologies:  Information technology and
communication products, Digital convergency solutions – Projects of Reference Centers for
Innovative Technologies.
Authors are encouraged to submit papers for presentation. All submissions are subject to refereeing process
and only works written in english will be published in hard copy proceedings. All works accepted will be published
in CD. I2TS 2009 ISBN will be provided in hard copy proceedings and in CD cover.

Full Papers writen in English or Portuguese – These include the final accomplished research results and must have
8 pages (5000 words) at the maximum. The three best works will be classified and they receive the I2TS certificates as the Golden English/Portuguese Track, Silver English/Portuguese Track and the Bronze English/Portuguese Track. The papers written in english will be published in hard copy; and the full proceedings (with papers in Portuguese) will be published in CD-ROM.

Position Papers written in English or Portuguese – For researches in progress, position papers can be submitted
and should not exceed 4 pages. These are composed reports and must have 4 pages, a short paper of 2500 words
at maximum.
Tools – These contain implementations or work in progress on tools, prototype and testbeds and must have 4 pages
(2500 words) at maximum. The tool itself will be exposed at the event. Computers will be available for
demonstrations during the presentation. Tools will be published in the CD conference proceedings in a
dedicated tool and poster sessions, respectively.
Posters – These contain work in progress and must be 1 page (625 words) in banner format with dimensions
specified for the event. Posters can be proposed by the authors or proposed by the TPC.  Posters will be
published in the CD conference proceedings in a dedicated tool and poster sessions, respectively.
Lectures and Tutorials – Govern and enterprises lectures will be invited to speak on current themes in
information systems or telecommunication. Tutorials can be proposed by researchers, master or doctorate
students. Tutorial proposals must contain at maximum 1 page (625 words).
Doctoral Colloquium – This is a new experience in I2TS 2009. These can discuss on going work of PhD students
in a formative environment.  Contributions should take the form of either:  (a) a critical literature review
of the topic research; (b) a short paper (4 pages) discussing the research problems and questions, research
objectives, methodology and work done so far. (c) or reflection papers – these might review recent research
literature pertaining to a particular problem or approach, by indicating what the findings suggest or provide
a suggestion with justification for a different approach or perspective of that problem. Theses ones might also
analyze trends or discuss important issues in topics related to the event at maximum 4 pages (2500 words).
The Best Undergraduate Final Work – This also is a new experience for I2TS in this year. Students can submit
original format their undergraduate final works for appreciation and the choice of the best work. The best work
selected will be presented and it will receive an award as the first work classified.
Academy or Sponsor Corporate Showcases – In this year we are proposing the integration of academy and enterprises.
The former enables academy to present the recent developments and applications and their future directions.
The second enables companies to present their recent developments and applications and company's products and
services showcases. There will be a time slot for companies to make their presentations in a room. For additional
details please contact the publicity chair. Proposals for these sessions must have 2 pages (1250 words) at maximum.
Shortcourses – Half-day or full-day shortcourses will be offered related to technological themes for undergraduate
students. Themes can be proposed for approaching on information technology or telecommunications. Proposals for
shortcourses must have 2 pages (1250 words) at maximum and will be chose and offered at least three shortcourses,
one for each day of the event.

High-quality original papers are solicited. Papers must be unpublished and must not be submitted for publication
elsewhere.  All papers will be reviewed by Technical Program Committee members and other experts active in the
field to ensure high quality and relevance to the conference. Authors of accepted papers must attend the
conference to present their contributions.
All paper formats should follow IEEE double column standard guidelines (on US letter paper, 8 ½ by 11 inches),
as in the link bellow:
and converted to PDF format.  Only PDF format will be accepted.
Posters:  1 page (UFSC Format) Poster proposals should be submitted to the JEMS as an appropriate category
to poster. After have been accepted, you must make a banner by following  the template as showed in the
link bellow. Your banner must be 80cm x 120cm as in:
which will be presented at the hall of the event.  Posters will be published in the I2TS 2009 CDs under
the same ISBN for I2TS 2009 proceedings.
Authors should submit their works to JEMS (Journal and Event Management System, earlier brazilian EDAS) in
https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/i2ts2009 according to a related category/track in JEMS.
 Submissions for Full Papers, Position Papers and Posters – August 01 – September 13, 2009.
 Paper Revision  – September 14 – October 26, 2009.
 Accept Notificafion – October 27-31, 2009.
 Submissions for the Concourse for Undergraduate Final Works and Shortcourses proposals – October 31, 2009.
 Special Sessions for Reseach Labs or Sponsor Corporate Showcases (Tutorials, Lectures, Workshops, Tool Demonstrations, Doctoral Colloquium)– October 31, 2009.
 Camera Ready – November 01-10, 2009.
 Event – December 09, 10 e 11, 2009 (Local:  Center of Culture and Events – UFSC).
Authors of best regular papers are
invited to submit extended version to IEEE R9 Latin America Transactions, internationally indexed by IEEE Xplorer.
The I2TS Qualis-CAPES is B1 (telecommunication committee) equivalent to the best national events.
Additional Informations in http://www.i2ts.org
Azzedine Boukerche - University of Ottawa - Canada
Antonio Alfredo F. Loureiro - UFMG - Brazil
Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare – Barddal University - Brazil
João Bosco M. Sobral - UFSC - Brazil
Abelém, Antonio – UFPA - Brazil
Abbas, Claudia Barenco - UnB - Brazil
Alvarez, Luis Marco Cáceres - UTA - Chile
Amvame-Nze, Georges - UnB - Brazil
Aquino, Francisco José Alves - CEFET-CE - Brazil
Araujo, Regina Borges - UFSCar – Brazil
Ayrosa, Pedro Paulo – PUC-PR - Brazil
Bauchspiess, Adolfo – UnB - Brazil
Barreto, Priscila  - UnB – Brazil
Barria, Marta - Chile
Benyoucef, Morad - University of Ottawa - Canada
Berger, Pedro - UnB - Brazil
Bononi, Luciano - University of Bologna - Italy
Borges, Dibio Leandro - UnB - Brazil
Borges, Geovany - UnB - Brazil
Boukerche, Azzedine - University of Ottawa - Canada
Bressan, Graça - Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil
Calamoneri, Tiziana - University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Italy
Correa, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti - USP - Brazil
Dantas, Mario Antônio Ribeiro - UFSC - Brazil
Deus, Flavio - UnB – Brazi
Guelfi, Adilson – USP - Brazil
Gondim, Paulo Roberto de Lira - UnB - Brazil
Fernandes, Jorge - UnB - Brazil
Fileto, Renato - UFSC - Brazil
Fortes, Renata Pontin M. - ICMC-USP – Brazil
Freitas, Fred – UFPE - Brazil
Giozza, William - University of Salvador - Brazil
Guardia, Hélio Crestana - UFSCar – Brazil
Ionescu, Dan - University of Ottawa - Canada
Jardini, José Antonio - USP – Brazil
Klautau, Aldebaro – UFPA - Brazil
Lamar, Marcus - UnB – Brazil
Lee, Uei – Unioeste - Brazil
Loureiro, Antonio Alfredo Ferreira - UFMG - Brazil
Maciel, Cristiano - UFMT Brasil
Martins,  Antonio - UnB - Brazil
Martins, Claudia - UFMT - Brazil
Martinez, Jeimy José Cano - Uniandes - Colômbia
Mateus, Geraldo Robson - DCC-UFMG - Brazil
Mello, Rodrigo Fernandes - ICMC-USP - Brazil
Mello, Darli - UNICAMP - Brazil
Melo, Alba Cristina Magalhães Alves - UnB – Brazil
Menezes, Leonardo - UnB – Brazil
Meixner, Carlos Colman – Univeridad Nacional de Asuncion – Paraguai
Milocco, Rubén – Universidad Nacional del Comahue - Argentina
Montez, Carlos – DAS-UFSC - Brazil
Moreira, Edson dos Santos - ICMC-USP - Brazil
Moura, Flávio de - UnB - Brazil
Neto, Augusto – UFG - Brazil
Notare, Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni - Barddal University - Brazil
Oliveira, Mauro - CEFET-CE - Brazil
Paris, Jehan-François - University of Houston - USA
Pedroza, Aloysio Castro Pinto - COPPE-UFRJ - Brazil
Pizzolato, Ednaldo Briganti - UFSCar - Brazil
Portela, Paulo -UnB - Brazil
Puttini, Ricardo Staciarini - UnB – Brazil
Rabelo, Ricardo – DAS-UFSC - Brazil
Ralha, Celia - UnB - Brazil
Riso, Bernardo G. - UFSC - Brazil
Rocha, Carlos Aurelio Faria - UFSC - Brazil
Roesler, Valter - UFRGS – Brazil
Sargento, Susana – IT – Universidade de Aveiro -Portugal
Sklavos, Nicolas, Technological Educational Institute of Patras - Greece
Silva, Jorge Sá - DEI-UC - Portugal
Silva, Lúcio Martins - UnB - Brazil
Silva, Franklin - UnB - Brazil
Sobral, João Bosco M. - UFSC - Brazil
Souza Jr., Rafael Timóteo - UnB - Brazil 
Siqueira, Frank Augusto - UFSC - Brazil
Travassos, Guilherme Horta - COPPE-UFRJ
Trevelin, Luis Carlos - USCar - Brazil
Villalba, Luis Javier García - Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain
Wangham, Michelle - Barddal - Brazil
Willrich, Roberto - UFSC - Brazil
Willian Giozza - Universidade de Salvador – Brazil
Wu, Feng Chung – Unioeste - Brazil
Zomaya, Albert - University of Sydney - Australia
João Cândido Dovicchi - UFSC – Brazil
Alba Melo – UnB – Brazil
Regina Borges de Araujo – UFSCar – Brazil
Ricardo Felipe Custódio – UFSC – Brazil
Renato Bobsin Machado – Unioeste – Brazil
Underleia Cabrera Correa – Barddal University – Brazil
Saulo Popov Zambiasi – Barddal University - Brazil
Underleia Cabrera Correa – Barddal University – Brazil
Renato Cislaghi - UFSC - Brazil
Bernardo Gonçalves Riso - UFSC - Brazil
Fernando Augusto da Silva Cruz – UFSC - Brazil
Fernando Augusto da Silva Cruz – UFSC - Brazil
Lucas Mocellin – SIN/UFSC – Brazil
Adalberto Joco S. Santos – Itaipu Binacional
Lucas Guardalben – IT/Universidade de Aveiro - Portugal
Joelson de Alencar Degaspari – PPGCC-UFSC and Iguaçu Falls Town Hall
Fernando Marcos Bonnemasou Moreira de Castilho - UNIVAG - Brazil
Igor Vinicius Mussoi de Lima – Itaipu Binacional – Brazil
Dennis Jensen – SIN/UFSC – Brazil
João Bosco M. Sobral – UFSC - Brazil
Azzedine Boukerche - University of Ottawa - Canada
Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni Notare - Barddal University - Brazil
UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina,
INE - Department of Informatics and Statistics,
DMC-NS – Distributed Mobile Computing and Network Security Research Group (CNPq-UFSC),
Barddal University – Foundation for Education and Culture,
CASIN – Academic Center for Information System Undergraduate Course (INE-UFSC).
FEESC – Foundation for Education and Engineering of Santa Catarina State.

FAPESC – Foundation for Research in Santa Catarina State,
FPTI - Foundation for Itaipu Technological Park,
CTC - Technological Center at Federal University of Santa Catarina,
Other Patrons (to appear).

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