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[PVS] CFW: 3rd Indian Logic School, Hyderabad, 18-29 Jan 2010 (fwd)

3rd ISLA 2010 Call for Workshops
Third Indian School on Logic and its Applications
January 18-29, 2010 University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, India

Call for workshops

ALI, the Association for Logic in India, announces the 3rd Indian School
on Logic and Applications in Hyderabad.  This announcement is also a
call for workshop proposals.

The Indian School on Logic and Applications is a biennial event.  The
first school was held during January 2006 at IIT Bombay and the second
school during January 2008 at IIT Kanpur.  The objective is to present
before graduate students and researchers of the country, some basics as
well as active research areas in logic. The School typically attracts students 
and teachers from mathematics, philosophy and computer science departments.
The School is complemented by a biennial conference. The third
conference was held at IMSc, Chennai, this year and the proceedings
published as LNAI 5378.

The 3rd School will adopt a dual format: the mornings will consist of
introductory courses on fundamental aspects of logic, by eminent
researchers in the area.  The afternoons will have workshops, which can
be of the nature of advanced tutorials, or presentations on research
areas, in different aspects of logic and applications.

The ISLA programme committee invites proposals for workshops for the
School, in the broad interdisciplinary area connecting logic and the
foundations of mathematics with artificial intelligence, computing
science and philosophy.  The objective is to bring before students and
faculty an active research theme.

A workshop proposal should consist of a short scientific summary of the topic 
to be covered, proposed duration (3 to 7 hours), an organizer and expected 
As an example, a workshop could aim for 90 minutes on three successive
afternoons, with 45-minute talks distributed among six speakers.
No published proceedings are planned, but short abstracts (1 to 5 pages)
of the material presented are expected, for distribution among
the participants.

Workshop speakers will be provided accommodation at the University of Hyderabad 
guest house.

The programme committee will consider all proposals received by June 13
and make a selection keeping in view the expected participation
and the logistics.

*Invited Course Speakers*
Hans van Ditmarsch (Otago): Dynamic Epistemic Logic and Belief Revision
Antony Galton (Exeter): Spatial and Temporal Knowledge Representation
Valentin Goranko (Johannesburg): Model theory of modal logic (tentative)
Neil Immerman (UMass, Amherst): Logic and Complexity
Steven Lindell (Haverford): Logic and Models of Computation
Tobias Nipkow (TU Muenchen): A Practical Introduction to Theorem Proving
 	with the Isabelle System

*Programme Committee*
Mihir Chakraborty (Calcutta), co-chair
Kamal Lodaya (IMSc), co-chair
Paritosh Pandya (TIFR) Arindama Singh (IIT Madras)

*Organizing Committee*
Vineet Padmanabhan (UoHyd), chair

icla at imsc.res.in


*Important dates*
Workshop proposals: 13 June 2009
Notification: 23 June 2009
School: 18-29 January 2010