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[PVS] [Researchers] 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium onDistributed Simulation and Real Time Applications

                  CALL FOR PAPERS - DS-RT 2009
                 *** Deadline - May 11, 2009 ***

             13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on
        Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications
                           (DS-RT 2009)
                        October 25-28, 2009

DS-RT is intended to provide an international forum for the discussion 
and presentation of original ideas, recent results and achievements by
researchers, students, and systems developers on issues and challenges 
related to distributed simulation and real time applications. Authors are
encouraged to submit both theoretical and practical results of 
significance. Demonstration of new tools/applications is very desirable. 
The scope of the symposium includes, but is not limited to:

* Paradigms, Methodology and Software Architectures for Large Scale 
Distributed and Real-Time Simulations (e.g. Parallel and Distributed 
Simulation, Multi-Agent Based Distributed Simulation, HLA/RTI, Web and 
Grid based Simulation); 

* Paradigms, Modeling, Architecture and Environments for Large Scale 
Real-time Systems and Concurrent Systems with Hard and Soft Real-Time 

* Non-functional Properties of Distributed Simulation and Real-Time 
Systems (e.g. Dependability, Availability, Reliability, 
Maintainability, Safety, Security, Trustworthiness, QoS); 

* Theoretical Foundations of Large Scale Real-Time and Simulation Models 
(e.g. Event Systems, Causality, Space-Time Models, Notions of Time, 
Discrete and Continuous Systems, Simulator Coordination); 

* Simulation Studies at Large and Very Large Scale (e.g. Industrial, 
Commercial, Ecological and Environmental, Societal, Power and Energy, 
Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Systems); 

* Performance and Validation of Large Scale and Distributed Simulations 
(e.g., Benchmarking and Analytical Results, Empirical Studies; 
DIS, HLA/RTI Studies); 

* Languages and Tools, Development Environments, Data Interfaces, 
Network Protocols and Model Repositories that address Very Large 

* Data Distribution Management, Interest Management, Multi-resolution 
Modeling and Dead-Reckoning Mechanisms; 

* Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Architectures and Applications 
that involve Simulations and/or adhere to Real-Time Constraints; 

* Simulation based Virtual Environments and Mixed Reality Systems 
(e.g. Interactive Virtual Reality, Human Communication through 
Immersive Environments);

* Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Reality, Telepresence Systems 
and Shared Workspaces, Shared Interaction Spaces, Shared Object 

* Visual Interactive Simulation Environments (e.g., Generic Animation, 
Visual Interactive Modeling, Interactive Computer Based Training and 
Learning; Scientific Visualization; High-End Computer Graphics); 

* Design Issues, Interaction Designs, Human Computer Interaction Issues 
raised by Large Scale DS-RT Systems; 

* Media Convergence (e.g. New Technologies, Media Theory, Real-Time 
considerations of Multi Modality, etc.);

* Innovative Styles of Interactions with Large Scale DS-RT Systems 
(e.g. Implicit, Situative and Attentive Interaction, Tangible 
Interaction, Embedded Interaction, etc.); 

* Environmental and Emerging Simulation Challenges (e.g. Growth of 
Human Population, Climate Change, CO2, Health Care, Ecosystems, 
Sustainable Development, Water and Energy Supply, Human Mobility, 
Air Traffic, World Stock Markets, Food Supply Chains, Megacities, 
Global Wireless Communication, Privacy Preserving Access, etc.). 

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline: May 11, 2009
Notification of Acceptance: June 22, 2009
Camera Ready Version: July 20, 2009
Conference Dates: October 25-28, 2009


High-quality original papers are solicited. Papers must be unpublished 
and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere. All papers will be 
reviewed by Technical Program Committee members and other experts active 
in the field to ensure high quality and relevance to the conference. 

Attendance by at least one author of accepted papers is mandatory.
Papers should be written in English and should not exceed 10 pages 
(single-spaced) or 18 pages (double-spaced). No paper templates are 
provided in this phase and your own template may be used. Authors are 
encouraged to submit papers in electronic form, postscript, pdf, or 
Microsoft Word 6.0 (or higher) only. 

General Co-Chairs:

Stephen John Turner
Parallel and Distributed Computing Centre,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

David Roberts
Centre for Virtual Environments,
University of Salford, UK

Program Co-Chairs:

Wentong Cai
Parallel and Distributed Computing Centre,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
School of Information Technology and Engineering,
University of Ottawa, Canada

Steering Committee Chair:

Azzedine Boukerche,
University of Ottawa, Canada

Poster Chair:

Emiliano Casalicchio,
University of Roma, Italy

Demo Chair:

Damla Turgut, 
University of Central Florida, USA

Registration Chair:

Malcolm Low Yoke Hean
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Webmaster and System Co-Chairs:

Marco Di Felice 
University of Bologna, Italy

Luciano Bononi 
University of Bologna, Italy 
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