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-------------------------------TAMOCO 2009----------------------------
------------Techniques and Applications for Mobile Commerce-----------
-------------Centro Universitario de Mérida, Mérida, Spain------------
------------------------16 - 17 September 2009------------------------
----------------Submission Deadline Extension: 8 May -----------------

Mobile  Commerce (M-Commerce)    comprises applications  and  services
that  are  accessible    from    Internet-enabled   mobile    devices.
It  involves    new  technologies,  services,  and   business  models.
Whilst  it  is  different from traditional e-Commerce it can  also  be
considered as   an extension  of it   since, among  other  reasons, it
makes e-Commerce   available, in   a modern   way, to  new application
areas and to a new set  of customers. Mobile devices, such as   phones
or PDAs open the  door to a great  assortment of new applications  and
services. They follow  you wherever   you go,  enabling us  to  access
the  Internet  at  any moment  under  any  circumstances  letting  you
access  several  different  services should  they be   necessary (i.e
looking  for a nearby  restaurant or gas  station while walking   down
the   street with   friends and   family). These  new situations  also
imply new engineering requirements, as well as fresh development tools
and methodologies.

The  Internet has  become an  essential component  in all  aspects  of
our   life independently  of our  location, the  time  of  the day  or
environment. In  the same line, already today, mobile phones and  PDAs
have become  an indispensable  part of  our life  as a  source of  all
kinds of information and services  and, especially, as our permanently
available  interface to  our environment.  Under this   scenario, the
number of   mobile services  available  is  constantly increasing  and
evolving towards manageable and practical applications. Tomorrow, they
may  very   well  turn   into   intelligent   assistants   capable  of
anticipating many   of our   wishes  and  needs; but,   for all  these
changes   to  happen,   key  issues  of  interoperability,  usability,
security  and privacy  still need  to be  addressed under the  special
scope of  mobile services  and  commerce.  Tamoco main  conference has
been divided into  five different  tracks, as  follows:

-- Track 1: Web Services for Mobile Devices
-- Track 2: Mobile Learning and Mobile Technology for Education
-- Track 3: Mobile Technologies in Urban Systems
-- Track  4:  Context   Aware   Services   and   Mobile   Information
   Systems  for  the Extended  Enterprise
-- Track 5: Autonomic Computing for Mobile Commerce

A PhD symposium will be collocated with the conference on the 15th  of
September. Further  information  on  every  track  can be found at the
conference  main  site   http://personales.ya.com/gobellot/Tamoco2009.

Prospective authors are  invited to submit  to the track  which better
suits  their work. Authors  are invited  to submit  their full  papers
in  English  presenting original  research. Submitted   papers must be
unpublished and not  submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers  have
to  be   submitted  electronically,  follow   IOS  Press   format (see
http://www.iospress.nl/authco/instruction_crc.html) and  not exceed 10
pages. Submissions  in  any  other document format cannot be accepted.
Please  check  the  OpenConf  site  for submission in every track  web
site (linked from the conference site).

For  the  PhD Sympossium information please check its web site (linked
from the conference site).

Manuscripts  will   be reviewed   by  three  members  of   the Program
Committee. All accepted papers  will be  included in  the proceedings.
The  proceedings  will  be  published  by   IOS  Press.   Authors  are
advised  to   follow   the   formatting   instruction   published   on

Paper Submission: 8 May 2009
Acceptance Notification: 22 June 2009
Registration: 3 July 2009
Camera-Ready Submission: 6 July 2009
PhD Symposium: 15 September 2009
Tamoco Conference: 16-17 September

Dr. Guadalupe Ortiz
University of Extremadura
Centro Universitario de Mérida
C/ Sta Teresa de Jornet, 38,
06800 Mérida, Spain
Tel: 0034 924 387068
Fax: 0034 924 303782
Email: gobellot@unex.es

Professor Dr. Cherif Branki
University of the West of Scotland , United Kingdom
Professor Dr. Rainer Unland
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Mr Brian Cross
University of the West of Scotland, United Kingdom
Dr. Key Pousttchi
Universität Augsburg, Germany Dr. Guadalupe Ortiz
University of Extremadura, Spain

Dr. Guadalupe Ortiz
University of Extremadura, Spain

Dr. Gregorio Díaz,
University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Please check the specific program committee for every track

Gregorio Díaz Descalzo
Assistant Professor
University of Castilla - La Mancha
Avd. España s/n - 02002 - Albacete - Spain
Tlph: +34 967599200 Ext: 2461