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[PVS] CFP--SPECTS 2009 Tomorrow is the definitive deadline

Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CFP. Please help distribute
this message.

This is the last CFP for SPECTS'09 as tomorrow is the definitive submission

          2009 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation
                 of Computer and Telecommunication Systems
                    July 13-16, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey


 This annual international conference is a forum for professionals involved
in performance evaluation of computer and telecommunication systems.
 Performance evaluation of computer systems and networks has progressed
rapidly in the past decade and has begun to approach maturity. Significant
progress has been made in analytic modeling, simulation, and measurement
approaches for performance evaluation of computer and telecommunication

 SPECTS 2008 is sponsored by the Society for Modeling and Simulation
International (SCS) and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications
Society and IEEE SMC Society.