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[PVS] Call for papers

  September 28- October 2, 2009, Yerevan, Armenia

  Call for Papers  CSIT 09 - apologies for multiple copies
* WEB Page:  http://csit.am/2009
* Topics: Algorithms, Automata and Logic, Discrete Mathematics and 
     Combinatorics, Coding Theory, Information Theory and Statistics, 
     Artificial Intelligence and Management Support Systems,
     Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Distributed Processing and 
     Data Bases, Software Engineering, Design and Testing,
     Telecommunication and Networking, CS and IT Applications
     Computational Methods and Mathematical Programming
* Proceedings: preliminary proceedings containing the abstracts of the talks 
  will be available at the meeting.
* Paper submission: Authors are invited to submit papers in PDF format
* Contact address: csit@xxxxxx 
  Submissions are to be received before May 20, 2009. 
  Authors will be notified of acceptance by June 20, 2009. 
  Final papers due July 20, 2009

Ir?ne Guessarian, LIAFA, CNRS et universit?  paris7, universit?  paris6