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[PVS] CfP: IEEE TSE - Special Issue on Exception Handling


IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE)
Special Issue:
"Exception Handling: From Requirements to Software Maintenance"


I. Motivation:
Revisiting Directions in Exception Handling Research - 10 years after....

With the complexity of contemporary software systems increasingly
growing, we still have much to learn on how software engineering
practice can contribute to improving specification, design, testing, and
evolution of exception handling. Our body of knowledge on
effective exception handling in software projects is still limited and
fragmented. It is not surprising that recent field studies have identified
that error handling design in industrial applications typically exhibits
poor quality independently of the underlying programming
language and application domain. A holistic application of software
engineering principles and techniques can certainly improve
the treatment of exception handling across the software lifecycle.

In this context, one of the underlying motivations of this special issue
is to revisit the research directions involving exception handling in
software engineering after one decade the first successful issue on this
topic has appeared in IEEE TSE [1]. This special issue will serve as a key
reference for researchers, practitioners and educators to understand the
most recent innovations, trends, experiences and
concerns involving exception handling aspects in software engineering. We
invite submissions approaching exception handling on all areas
of software development and maintenance, such as model-driven
development, requirements engineering, refactoring, software
evolution, reverse engineering, contemporary modularity techniques (e.g. 
aspect-oriented programming and feature-oriented
programming), and formal methods.

II. Scope

The special issue is intended to cover a wide range of topics, from
theoretical foundations to empirical studies, with all of them presenting
innovative ideas on the interplay of exception handling and software
engineering. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the
- Exceptions in software processes
- Empirical studies of exception handling
- Exception documentation
- Exception handling and requirements engineering
- Exception handling and architectural design
- Design patterns and anti-patterns, architectural styles, and good
programming practice cookbooks
- Static analysis and testing of exception handling
- Refactoring and evolution of exception handling code
- Exceptions and variability management
- Comparative studies of innovative exception handling techniques
and conventional ones
- Exception handling and contemporary modularization techniques
(e.g. aspect-oriented programming and feature-oriented programming) -
Exception handling and variability mechanisms
- Metrics and quality models for abnormal behaviour
- Exception handling and middleware design
- Model-driven engineering for exception handling
- Exception handling in multi-agent systems
- Development of predictive models of defect rates
- Checked versus unchecked exceptions

III. Important Dates:

Manuscript Submission:  01 May 2009
Completion of First Round of Reviews:  01 July 2009
Final Acceptance Notification:  30 October 2009
Camera-Ready Paper Submission:  24 November 2009

IV. Submission Procedure

Prospective authors should submit high quality, original manuscripts that
have not appeared, nor are under consideration, in any other journals.
Significant extensions to substantive papers published in conferences are
also welcome. Abstracts should be emailed to all the guest editors.
Submissions should adhere the guidelines set out by IEEE TSE.
You can access them at http://www.computer.org/mc/tse/author.htm.
Please thoroughly read these before submitting your manuscript.
The papers should be submitted online at the IEEE TSE submission site
(https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cs-ieee) with a note/tag designating the
manuscript to this special issue. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by
at least 3 experts in the field. Priority will be given to work with high
novelty and potential impacts. Please feel free to contact the Peer Review
Manager, Suzanne Wagner at
sawagner@xxxxxxxxxxxx or the Guest Editors, if you have any questions.

V. Guest Editors

Please address all inquiries regarding this special issue to the Guest

Dr. Alessandro Garcia, Lancaster University - UK
e-mail: garciaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Prof. Valerie Issarny, INRIA, Paris-Rocquencourt - France
e-mail: Valerie.Issarny@xxxxxxxx

Prof. Alexander Romanovsky, Newcastle University - UK
e-mail: alexander.romanovsky@xxxxxxxxx

[1]  Dewayne E. Perry, Alexander Romanovsky, Anand Tripathi,
"Current Trends in Exception Handling," IEEE Transactions on
Software Engineering, vol. 26,  nos. 9 and 10,  Sept./Oct. 2000.

School of Computing Science
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK