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[PVS] Conference Registration Deadline

Conference Reminder
Registration Deadline

The deadline for early registration for the 2008 Interactive Technologies Conference is one week away. After August 6th registration fees for SALT members, currently $700, will be $750. Registration fees for non-members, currently $750, will be $800. Register on or before August 6th to take advantage of the discounted registration rates.

To get more information or to register online go to:


Society for Applied Learning Technology
50 Culpeper Street
Warrenton, Va 20186
Ph: (540) 347-0055   Fax: (540) 349-3169   Web: http://www.salt.org

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For other questions, contact SALT at 50 Culpeper Street, Warrenton VA 20186. SALT can be reached by telephone at (540) 347-0055.

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